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The study examines the comparative study of students academic performance in economics and commercial in selected Senior Secondary Schools in Asa Local Government Area of Kwara State.
Five research hypotheses were raised and addressed in the study.

The research population consists of twelve secondary school in Asa Local Government Area out of five schools were chosen as sampled.

SSCE Result for the year 2004, 2005 and Questionnaire was only instrument used for the study. Data collected were analyzed using T-Test to find out the differences.
The results show that lack of interest, non-challant attitudes of students and parents, shortage of teachers as well as in-conducive environment contributed to the factors that hindered the performance of students in both economics and commerce.
Based on the findings, it was recommended that the recruitment and retention of qualified teachers in commerce and economics must be given priority attention.

Also, the government and school authorities should provide enough classroom with learning materials to avoid congestion as well as motivates the teachers by improving on their condition of service.

Background to the Study
In the community, people are engaged in a number of activities from which they earn some income.

Professionals such as Lawyers, Accountants and Teachers, while other professional activities and some in the factories which produced goods and services such as matches, shoes and clothes.

These activities are often referred to as Economics activities, every economic activity which involved uncertain element such as human effort, choices of alternatives or other use of what may be termed material resource and a system of exchange.
What is Economics?
In consideration of the element inherent in Economics activities which economists have come up with various definition of Economics, for instance.
Daven, H.J. in (2001) says that economics is a subject that treats phenomenal from the stand point of price.
This definition emphases on exchange and seeks to explain that economic deal with things that have a price value, which implies that for any commodity or services to be impart of an economic they may have a price attached to its generally speaking which means that economics is a social science which studies human behavior as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternative uses.
What is Commerce?
Commerce ban be defined according to Adeyeye, I.A. (2001) as an inter-disciplinary field of knowledge which help us to understand some other topics in accounting and mathematics to mention but few.
Commerce theory is just as a school discipline.

That is being constantly resorted by the frequent change characterize with the purpose of contents, over the year such as body of knowledge require distinct and specific methods or strategies of importing into learners.
Commerce is a practical subject, but it has a close connection with the theory of economics and it knowledge of fundamental concepts of this subject is necessary for an understanding of the subject.
Commerce can also be seen as an exchange of items of value between persons or companies.

At exchange of money for a produce, services of information is considered a deal of commerce.
Lastly, commerce was generally aspects of the exchange of production, distribution, buying and selling of goods and service from one place to another.
Purpose of Study
The purpose of this project is to compare students performance in economics and commerce in selected Senior Secondary Schools in Asa Local Government, Kwara State.
Also, the research will assist in determining the factors that cause poor performance of students in economics and commerce in most Senor Secondary Schools in Asa, Kwara State.
– It is also aims at determine
– Is there enough teacher to teach economics and commerce in our secondary schools.
– What is the government attitude towards education, is there any effect on student poor performance in school subject.
– What is the influence of peer groups on student poor performance which leads to effect of the adequacy and availability of instructional materials in economics and commerce.
Statement of Problems
Despite the fact that, the rate of which at Senior Schools Certificate Examination is a great problem.

But the goal of any students that obtain the admission into the Senior Secondary School would be finished up with successful results without students beginning to loose aspiration which need to do economics and commerce in public examination such as WAEC and SSCE.
The research therefore set out to investigate the problem of students in economics and commerce at SSCE level.
The research intends to find out the followings:
(1) The immediate and remote cause of the students poor performance in those subject.
(2) Who should be blamed for the students poor performance in economics and commerce.
(3) How to remove the situation.
Significant of the Study
It is highly necessary that this type of research work is undertaken to help government schools curriculum planners at a time which the societal expectation from our youth has increasingly been dampened as a result of negative character they exhibit.
It is grossly unforgettable that the degree of students poor performance in economics and commerce will create a problem and disturbing.

At the end of the final examination these set of people constitute a menace in the society at a time which our demand in the nation is more highly trained, workers and more intelligent citizen are greater than ever before.

The adverse effect of students poor performance generally is that they equipped with all the planning in the society such as drug abuse, robbery, smuggling and all sort of social vices.
In the light of this, the research feel it is a duty bounds to research into the topics so that urgent solution could be made available to curb the excesses of students poor performance in economics and commerce in our educational system.

Hypotheses/Research Questions
The hypothesis is stated in a null form with the intention of tes ting the followings:
(1) There is no significant difference between the result of male and female students in economics and commerce subject.
(2) A significant difference does not exist between students performance in commerce and economics in students in As a Local Government Area in Private and Government School.
(3) There is no significant difference between the result of student performance on female and commerce.
(4) There is no significant difference between the result of student performance on male student in economics and commerce.
(5) There is no significant difference between the student performance of male and female student in economics and commerce subject.

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