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A Critical Examination On The Relation Between Job Satisfaction And Customer Satisfaction.

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In recent years job satisfaction has received a great deal of attention from economists and policy makers. Traditionally, economist has distributed the use of subjective and attitudinal variables, but early papers established that job satisfaction was a related to a number of objective. Job features and was able to predict consequences such as observation and quits.

In today’s corporate organization, productivity is the most concern area which is yet to reach its required volume. Several research has been taken to find out reason behind this, and the result shown was the job satisfaction is the important dependant variable to productivity.

This focuses attention on how to improve satisfaction of an individual towards their jobs.

One of the leading challenges in management has been implementing effective human development strategies to enhance organizational performance and accountability. As a result of the emphasis on performance, researchers in human resource management have stressed effective human resource strategies such as job satisfaction, team empowerment, participate management and strategic planning.

This study determines the impact of job satisfaction on employee’s productivity. Since very insufficient work is done on this area in Pakistan due to limited data availability. One could find many research studies on this subject but when we discuss Pakistan organization area at the deep end of the research resources.

The fact that employees of organization are becoming key to strategic decision making seems reasonably indisputable ever In bank sector. In bank setting human resources department is still facing a challenge to prove its added value to the organizations performance. They are, however baffling to justify the reasons for their existence in organization.

The believe that satisfied employee are more productive than dissatisfied employee has a basic tort among managers from years. Although much evidence question that assumed causal relationship, it can be urged advanced societies should be concerned without only the quality of life i.e. concern such as higher productivity and material acquisition but also with its quality. They urge organization to have a responsibility to provides employees with jobs that are challenging and intrinsically rewarding.



Basically, this research work intends to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To examine the relation between job satisfaction and customer satisfaction.
  2. To enhance better understanding between employees and employers in an organization.

iii.      To examine the relationship between job satisfaction and employees productivity.

  1. To ensure employees to understand his responsibility on job satisfaction.
  2. To identify other factors apart from job satisfaction that result in increase in employee’s productivity.




Having realize that all business firms has pre-set goals and objectives which is to satisfy the needs of the society at minimum cost and maximize profit. To do these is need to motivate it’s workers to put in the best, but this is not the reality in Eco Bank Plc. Because there are many problems which employees of the bank faced.

The employees are not well motivated a d a result of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) examine some bank, there’s fear for job loss subsequently decrease productivity. The study point out the problems which organization encounter if there is no impact of job satisfaction on employee’s productivity.

  1. If there is no impact on job satisfaction on employee productivity, the business may not expand or grow.
  2. Small banks may collapse, if there is no impact of job satisfaction on employee productivity.

iii.      If there is no impact on job satisfaction on employee productivity it may lead to low of goods.




The magnitude of salary and other entitled packages greatly determines the level of ob satisfaction of an employee.

It also greatly affects the morale and attitude towards delegated duties and hence the employee’s productivity, and furthermore on employee’s impact towards customers satisfaction. Since job satisfaction employee productivity and customers satisfaction are intertwined, this gives rise to the research questioned which are under listed

  1. What other factors apart from job satisfaction affect improve employee’s productivity?
  2. To what extent does job satisfaction result satisfy?

iii. To what extent does job satisfaction improve employee’s productivity?


The scope of this study is limited to the aspect of impact of job satisfaction on employee’s productivity to make an effort to study the job satisfaction level among employee of bank sector in Gusau Eco bank Nigeria Plc.


Impact of Job Satisfaction on Employee’s Productivity I 6


This write up would be of great benefit to the organization manager and student taking business administration and management as a field of study. – It will help manager of the bank to know how best to Induce their subordinate so that they can strive willingly towards achieving organizational goals.

These research work will be useful to all organization towards attaining optimal performance of it’s employees with minimum cost. Finally, to student it is believed that it will widen their knowledge in the field of study.

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