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A Geological Field in Buea Campaign Street, great Soppo, Small Soppo and Razel Street

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This project was carried out in great soppo, Razel street in Buea south-west region of Cameroon for a couple of days with the help of other students. It involved basaltic rocks that erupted from mount Cameroon in fake division.

Campaign street was the main locality under study where most of the features were observe.

Ropy basalt was observe in different locations in campaign street, these ropy basalts were comprised of many small vesicles and at different locations the vesicles where larger and longer regarding the nature of cooling.

Non ropy basalt where also observe, basalts with smaller joints were observed at Moki garage and compact basalts were also observed.



Background GLY 498 entitled “Independent Field Mapping Project” is a research program offered by the Department of Geology of the University of Buea to all final year students as part of the curriculum and as a basic requirement for students to complete their BSc program.

This field work took place at great soppo, small soppo, and razel street, it enables final year students to carry out studies practically in the field as well as to correlate theoretical work with field realities to widen their knowledge of Geology and to prepare them for future work and experience in Geosciences.

The Independent field mapping involves a mapping exercise which helps to show rock types, structures and possibly the relationship that exits between the rock types and history of the study area. 

Mount Cameroon is in the South West region precisely in Buea town. It was nicknamed chariots of fire by sea loving Phoenicians  in the 18th century during an eruption. It extends to Limbe and has a height of 13,435ft(4,095m).

on the mountain there are rear species of animals, birds, chimps’ as well as very beautiful but rear species of flowers which grows at the fertile volcanic. Mount Etinde is a volcano situated on the southwestern flank of the large mount Cameroon.

Its eruptions are dated at 0.65Ma and took place during the mount Cameroon eruptive cycle. The lava types which are unrelated to Mount Cameroon alkali basalts.


The aim of these studies is to;

Observe and describe outcrops in the field

  • Give students the skill to carry out proper Geologic field mapping survey, which is a reconnaissance survey and establishment of a lithologic map representing the different rock types of an outcrop in the study area.

  • Give students a field experience and direct contact of the several types and the structures in them, taught theoretically in class

. – Prepare students on how to live under harsh field conditions out of home, as they will encounter in their career as field geologist

. – Enable students learn how to use the various geologic instruments such as the compass clinometers, GPS handset and others. 


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