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The internship report takes into account the practical experience obtained during my one month field study with AziCCUL Kumba. All information contained in this report is for academic purposes are being held confidential.

The report is centered on AziCCUL microfinance institution, their products and services, experience obtained, SWOT analysis, distinction between theories and practical, difficulties faced recommendations and conclusion.
The report begins with introduction which takes into account the background of study, the definition of internship, characteristics, objectives, importance and limitations of internship.

Secondly, an overview of the organisation with special attention on the introduction, the brief history of AziCCUL, their products and services, objectives and mission of the institution, branch organisational structure and functions of the various departments. Also, the report continues with the training programs, which entails a detailed description of the various areas of study and operations or activities of all departments with focus on some tasks assigned to the intern.
In addition, the report brings in critical analysis and focuses on the relationship between theory and practical, SWOT analysis of the organisation.
Finally, the report ends with the problems encountered, recommendation/suggestions and conclusion, describing the organisation according to evaluations or assessments in the critical and SWOT analysis.

1.1 Background of the Study
An internship is a pre-professional experience whereby individuals get the required experience to get hired in a career field of interest. By completing an internship students will develop the knowledge and skills employers seek in this competitive job market. Although courses taken in college can help prepare for a future career in a specific field, it is the experiential component that actually provides the skills necessary to enter a field and be successful.

There are many types of internships available. An internship for an art student seeking experience in a museum will look very different from the internship that an environmental studies student might do to help improve the water quality in a local community. Just like jobs, internships come in all shapes and sizes and there is no limit to the types of internships available since they can be anything that suites ones imagination.
Internships can open the door of getting a job. For college students it’s important to complete the required courses to get a degree but often not enough to be able to crack the job market and get hired in the field. In addition to gaining the required knowledge and skills, internships also provide a snapshot of what it would actually be like working in a particular field.
Internship is a short term program with primary focus of getting some job training in order to be able to match up lectures (theory) with what is practiced in the real world. Interns usually have supervisors who give them tasks to carry out and evaluate their overall work.
1.2 Characteristics of Internship
 A student will have a reflection and evaluation process at the conclusion of the internship
 It provides substantive and challenging work experience
 According of the university of St Thomas, it entails supervisors being assigned to students which is mentoring and educational
 It is usually a short period of time in which students gain personal and professional development through challenging work assignments
 Must be completed before a student’s graduates from the university
 Includes carrier related experiences that complement what is learnt in the classroom
 Planned and controlled through consultation with the department or university so as to fit in undergraduate experience
 It builds upon the relationship the university/college or department has with employers
 Internship is most successful when the student, university and employer all share the responsibility in making it a valuable experience.
1.3 Objectives of Internship
 Opportunity
Help student gain professional contacts that can help then with opportunities to get good jobs in future
 Career development
It enables students get acquainted with what happens with business practical and procedures in establishments
 Experience
To provide students with job experience that can help them prepare for the future as well as practicing what they been learning at school
 Academic requirement
This is in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the Bachelor’s degree in accounting.
 Ethics
To acquire good habits and ethics of the profession.
1.4 Benefits of Internship
 Students get practical work experience and can bring great ideas in changing job market
 Students become more matured and confident of their skills and capabilities
 Helps students to be able to acquire job search skills by interacting with workers who can give them great ideas.
 Students gain professional networking contacts which can enable them get jobs after graduation especially if the student was well behaved and competent
1.4.1 Benefits to the Organization
 Students contribute new energy and ideas to work place
 It gives the organization an opportunity to take part in nation building by training young minds
 It allows employee to network with students and call them for jobs or recommend them when necessary or when need arises
1.4.2 Benefits to the University
 Strengthen the student ties to the university when the experience is facilitated by the university
 The school curriculum can benefit through feedback from employers that are communicating to the areas where they think the students are blank
 Makes the transfer process easier for students

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