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Environmental complexity is a determinant to the choice of promotional tools in a marketing oriented organization. Although, the environment variable are numerous and are subdivided into three major sub-section (the macro, immediately or table and the micro environment) its complexity has immense influence on the choice of the promotional tools adopted or that can adopted by marketers to create awareness for their product carried.

Statement of the problem of this research study will give best solution to the researcher such as, what are the significance of environmental complexity to a promotional tools and what effects does it have on market share and profitability.

The objectives of this research topic aim at finding solution to the effect of environmental on promotional tools and to increase the organization profit.

The methodology of this research focus on the purpose of the project literature search and survey of knowledgeable person who have ideas on the subject of the work study and measurement would be sought.

The findings shows that majority of customers of the supermarket believe that environment have greater influence in their buying decision.

The researcher wish to the recommendation that marketing department should pay more attention to researching into the environmental variables and develop more dependable adaptation strategy.

Environments complexity is a determent to the choice of promotional choice in a marketing oriented organization.

Although, the environment variable are numerous and are subdivided into three (3) major sub-sectors (the macro, immediately or tasks and the micro environment) its complexity has immense influence on the choice of the promotional tools adopted or that can be adopted by marketers to create awareness for the product carried.

Although the topic may have a wider scope the researcher streamlined it down to a more researchable scope making promo tools.
Both human beings, business concern are responsible to the forces in the environment.

No one can live in Isolation. Business must take care of both economics and social aspect of life, that is making money must not suppress the welfare, culture and social life of the public. Therefore business must study the needs and want of the environment and produce and sell product and self products and service that will satisfy them.
The internal and external environment of business must be taken noted of the internal environment like, organization structure, location of business, staff facilities within the business place, union etc.

We also have external environment, such as the political, legal union, technology, competition, government etc.
A good marketers must be conscious of all the environmental factors that may affects marketing amidst numerous forms producing and rendering similar products/ services.
In study the both the external and the internal factors of environment will let the organization to know the promotional tools that will be effective for each environment.
For organization or company’s product to gain credibility and acceptability in the mind of prospective consumers, it has to strategies the kind of promotion that will fit the environments.
The level of influence of environmental elements on the choice of promotional tools to be adopted for the choice of promotional campaign in a marketing organization is of major concern to modern marketing.
i. What are the significance of environmental complexity to a promotional tools?
ii. What effects does it have on market share and profitability?
iii. The extent to which culture can affect advertising.
The primary objective of this study is to enable the researcher to fulfill the perquisite for the award of Higher National Diploma in marketing. The secondary objectives are as follows:
– To understand the interrelationships between the environmental element (marketing) and the promotional tool choice in other for the company to achieve it’s promotional objectives and help the organization to achieve its overall profit and other objective.
– To examine the effect of environment on promotional activities.
– To increase the organizational profit.
Since all organization and business have come to realize the important of sales promotional for achieving the organization objective; This study is of immense value or benefit to the following:
– Academic
– Government
– Public i.e. customers and consumer
– Company
– The Researcher.
Academic: This study has a vital impact to may academically as it will effectively contribute to both the knowledge to the researcher and academy in general it will contributes to marketing literature which will serve as reference points.
Government: It will improve revenue base for the government collection of taxes.

The government should ensure the target market has to be large enough to make the marketing effort financially worth while.
Public: It is of significance to the buyer or the target market as it creates awareness, educate and appealing to the consumer or a particular product discourage dissonance.
Company: This study is of significance to the manufacturer as if enables them to choose an appropriate and understand effectiveness of sales promotion for the sales of the product and benefit derived from the product both local and international market, that will improve the profitability of expansion.
The Researcher: The researcher should measure the market characteristic of different segment and the member of the segment must be capable of been actually identified, the various used to categorize them, must be measurable, it’s very significance for the researcher because various educational background can be used a based for segmenting particular product.
Their research work has been limited to the marketing oriented organization mostly within kwara state because of the nature of the state and the cultural in balance mostly observable in different parts of the state. Basically, the area of coverage of the study are:
– Conceptual scope
– Geographical scope
– Time scope
– Industrial scope
Conceptual scope: For simplicity of the study the conceptual scope of the study will be base on application of sales promotion hence, emphasis will be laid on marketing strategy on product. Product performance in the market.
Industrial scope: The company name is J.M.K supermarket which engage in sales of different product and varieties.
Geographical scope: The geographical scope of this study is Ilorin in kwara state and all the information used were gathered in Ilorin.
Time scope: This cover the periodic depth of the study. Therefore the four scope of the study is three (3) years back.

All the data will be the one that fall between 2008-2010. All the event that happen is that we want to evaluate and make used of it. These, however made the project to be made variable and achievable.

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