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An Assessment On The Adequate Use Of Technologies In the Teaching And Learning Process

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1.1 Background to the Study
The genesis of Geography between different cultural and political organizations is varies. In recent developments of geography has become a unique academic field.
‘Geography” derives from the Greek word YEWYPACPA geographic meaning a literal translation of which would be “ to describe or write about the “Earth”.

However, the practices of geography such as cartography is evident prior to the adoption of the terminology geography . According to O.S Shimaya (2017).

The renown world of old Egypt believed that Nile is the centre and the country as based on “the river” various oases were known to the east and west and were considered locations of various gods.
Scholars who study geography are known as geographers.

These set of people engage in studying the Earth’s natural environment and human society.

Although people making Maps were known as geographers in the ancient world, nowadays they are more generally known as cartographers.
Through the time factor the rich legacy of geography made a great journey to the Islamic minds.

The Islamic Golden age experienced sound advancements in the geographical sciences.

Islamic geographers were credited with groundbreaking Discover’s many new expense of lands were exported and the world’s first gird.
Geography is the study of the physical feature of the earth atmosphere, and of human activity as it is affected by these features, including the distribution of populations and resources and political power and economic activities.

Geography seems to be the most difficult subject to teach, some of the reasons put forward are nature of the subject and the way it is being taught.

It is believed that geography is taught in a way that discourages open questions, inquiry and active participation.

The effect of this is that the mind and imagination of student are closed.
According to United states national research council (2010) geography as a discipline can be split broadly into two main subsidiary fields: human geography and physical geography.
The first one majorly focused on the built environment and how human create, view, manage, and influence space.

The latter has to do with the natural environment and how organisms climate soil, water and landforms scholars who.

Geography touches other field like economic, Biology and Agricultural Science.
The needed tool for reposition Geography to meet vision 2020 challenges in Nigeria is apart because for one, it is geared towards identifying needed challenging change to be made in the structure and methodology of teaching and learning social studies.

One of the ways of achieving this is through the application of information technology.

The fact is no nation can develop to its fullest and keep peace with modern society trends in science and technology without effective and efficient information and technology (IT) is a force that has changed many aspect of human endeavors.
The impact of IT on various fields of human endeavors such as medicine, tourism business, law banking, engineering and architecture over two or three decades has been enormous.

But when we considered the field of education they seem to have been an uncanny absence of influence of IT and far less change than other field as experienced.

1.2 Statement of the Problem
It has been observed that the teaching and learning of social studies in secondary schools nowadays is still largely based on abstract rather than practical despite the advancement in technology in our society. This has acuminated in the low enrolment of students in the subject at the tertiary level in Nigeria.
More so, there is need for systematic researches investigating the use of technologies in Geography method.

This is a way of making teachers apprehensive about improving and modifying instruction by in-cooperating the new technologies.
1.3 Purpose of the Study
The main purpose of the study is to critically carry out empirical survey of teachers access to and the use of information technology in teaching Geography in Nigeria secondary schools.
1.4 Research Questions
Based on the problems of the study the following questions were formulated.
 How adequate are the used of technologies in the teaching and learning social studies
 Are the social studies teachers exposed to the use of new technologies in teaching the subject?
 What are the benefits of new technologies in the teaching and learning of Geography in secondary schools?
 Are the students of Geography exposed to new technologies used in learning the subject?
1.5 Research Hypothesis
1. There is no adequate use of information technology in teaching and learning of Geography
2. The Geography teacher does not have access to the use of information technology.
3. There is no benefit of information technology in the teaching and learning of Geography
4. Students of Geography do not have exposure to do not have exposed to information technology.
1.7 Significance of the Study
The study is significant in that it will provide information about the current status of utilization of modern technology in Nigerian Secondary schools.

It will also provide baseline data for future policy regarding technology training and the development of strategic plans aimed at encouraging technology-based innovation at encouraging technology- based innovation in teacher education programs it will shed more light on the problems and prospects of technology application in the teaching of Geography in schools.

The study will trigger off more research studies that will inform and encourage the implication of new technology in teacher education.

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