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An Internship carried out at the Firm of Audit Organization of Revision and Accounting Expertise (CADOREX SARL)

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This industrial training (internship) was carried out from the period of 1st August to
the 31st August in an Auditing firm CADOREX SARL and was aimed at enabling
the intern apply the theory practically and to broaden the interns knowledge
towards his/her career. The main aim of CADOREX SARL is to provide accurate
results about financial transactions and reports set up with the view of dealing with
difficulties such as daily monitoring of accounting files and tax declarations to
other firms and companies their clients for their satisfaction. During the course of
this internship we had attend to new as well already existing transactions and on
how to go about the operations and activities of the organization. We equally
treated transactions using Accounting Information system (software) such as
SAGE SARRI. Weaknesses accruing to CADOREX SARL are light issues,
inadequate equipment, lack of generator, lack of diversity, etc. Apart from it
weaknesses, it portrays a number of strengths including; unity amongst staffs,
respect of the organization hierarchy, good security, etc. It is also a well- structured
Audit firm.


This chapter is out of five chapters. It looks at the introduction of internship and
also identifies the problems of the organization.
Here we look at the circumstances that form the setting of interns in an
organization. This helps the interns to have knowledge and skills in his or her
future career field. The following were the conditions under which my internship
program took place.
 The punctuality of every workers at the work place which is sais to be 8am
 The dressing code of every worker which should be respected
 The respect among the internees and the workers of the institution
 The ability for every student to stick and better understand the work to be
Internship is the process of blending theory with practice. Internship (practicum) is
of essence to students of SOCIAL AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCE
(ACCOUNTING) and also to all students in the University of Buea and to
other professional institutions since they are engaged in professional courses
and therefore need to blend theory and practical. Internship is aimed at
boosting the spirit of professionalism and provides good skills in legal practice. It
enables students to understand wholly how firms, industries, banks and financial
institutions operate and coexist. with other external banks in both the CEMAC and
the World backs and also with the society at large, thereby instilling in the students
both the morals and charisma not only as legal minds but also to socialize and get
involved in other aspects of life.
Internship is a period when career is integrated to relate experience into an under
graduate education by participating in planned and supervised work. Internship
also provides real world experience to those looking to explore or gain relevant
knowledge and skills required to enter into a particular career field.
Those on internship are called internees. Depending on the criteria of the
work, they are usually students pending graduation at a particular level of studies
either post graduate who which to acquire master degree or under graduate who are
awaiting a bachelor’s degree.
Usually, internees work in temporally position with more emphasis on their
training rather than employment. They are usually under a supervisor who
evaluates them on the following.
Punctuality at work
Zeal to study
Degree of efficiency
Character development towards colleagues and customers
Ability to comprehend class room study to practice
Just to name a few.
The supervisor also helps the interns on what to do. They answer the
question in every point of our misunderstanding.
They also relate the interns to other workers of the organization so as to ease
research carried out by the interns.
The internship experience expose students to practical skills, improve their social
relationship motivate future learning and enhances their social personality.
Additionally, these students will also have the opportunity to discover their job
interests and objectives under a professional mentor (Chen, Hu, Wang and Chen,
Internship also provides companies with potential recruits. Rothman (2007)
explained that internships are an essential part of recruitment success for many
companies where a specific department often manages the internship program with
the educational institutions. This will ensure that internships are meaningful
experiences which develop the human capital and will results with better learning
experiences for the interns and acknowledge into their university education by
being in a supervised and planned real-world professional work environment
1.2. Objective of Internship
 Firstly the paramount motive for internship is for the partial fulfillment for the
award of LLB.
 Also it help to blend theory and practice

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