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An internship report submitted to the Department of Public Administration for the Partial Fulfillment of Bachelor of Science Degree in Comparative Politics, University of Buea

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This work focused on a six weeks internship at the Kumba 3 council which began on
2nd August – 9
th September 2022. The internship main objectives were geared towards;
to gain maximum benefits of working experience, to develop myself and find out my
niche in the field, to network with professionals in the field of politics. The chapter two
of this work have to do with background history of the institution and the organigram.
Chapter three deals with the activities carried out during the six weeks of internship at
the Kumba 3 council.

Chapter four explains the problems faced during internship. And
the last phase of this work focus on conclusion and recommendations, which are calling
on the council to perform its duties to its municipality, granting an attestation after

An internship is a period of work experience offered in an organization for a limited period of time
which is related to a student field of study or career interest. It is aim at given the student
opportunities for career exploration and development, and to learn new skills. That is why the
University of Buea, specifically the department of comparative politics deem it necessary as a
requirement upon graduation for their students to render at least six weeks of internship before
obtaining a degree.
 Acquiring job experience. Getting work experience is an essential aspect of starting
your career as a young graduate. The earlier you start gaining experience to upgrade
your CV, the better. In fact any experience where you use skills that can transfer to
your future career is an excellent addition to your life and CV. It can help you
demonstrate your commitment and capabilities to an employer while highlighting the
skills that are appropriate and transferable to the post you are applying for, thus an
internship is one of the best ways to gain all that job experience.

 Internships provide exposure to the real world. Unfortunately, in today’s job
market, passing exam with high scores and getting a degree doesn’t offer the much
needed it takes to succeed in a working environment. By undergoing internship, you
will be able to gain real-life exposure, grow knowledge and determine if you are in the
right career field.
 Networking. Internship gives more platforms to establish critical networking
connections. Networking is the exchange of information between individuals to form
acquaintances and relationships to further their professional career, thus it also helps

student to network and build crucial professional connection before they graduate, for
some it is a stepping stone to meet or bonus beneficiary relationship with some officials
at the institution were they interned which can be of great benefit in the future. Also
the more people you meet in the professional world with the same interest, the higher
your chances to grow as a professional because you will get to know how these people
work and the strategies they use to tackle a difficult situation and how they get a job
done because different people have different skills and their strategies might help you.
 Self-discovery.

An internship will help you learn about your capabilities and ultimately
encourage you to have a greater understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. It
might look challenging at times but the benefits you gain from being pushed out of
your comfort zone will help you tremendously in the future when you are presented
with difficult task or situation.

 To build confidence and self-esteem. Being an intern you will point out your strength
and recognize your weakness which will lead you to focus on what you do best and put
more efforts on what needs attentions this will enable you to develop your personal
brand. What you are and what you have to offer. Also, you will be able to explore
different aspects of the profession and test what you like and what you do not. This will
enable you to determine what best fits your personality and career goal.
 Enhance your curriculum vitae.

Having no work experience is often a minus when
you apply for a job even for entry some certain positions, politicians appreciate students
who use any occasion to enrich their knowledge and experience on political activities
and how it is carryout, internship count as professional experience you will have the
opportunity to highlight everything you have learn during the internship and also add
details information about the tasked you were assigned to the new professional skills
and capabilities you have gained some of the abilities might be problem solving skills
,team work and any example that can prove that you have perform well during the
internship and you are suited for a full time position within an institution.
1.3. Objectives of internship

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