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Appropriate Raising Agent to be used in Bakeries and other areas of Cooking

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1.1 Background

At first, baked products such as bread and cakes were being carried out without the use of yeast. But as time went on technical advances continued to improve on bread-making techniques; among them, various types of yeast, improvers, and baking powder are now available to make baking easy, and to produce lighter products.

In Cameroon, bread making and other baked products are still in the hands of well trained and professional bakers. This is because it is a foreign dish and is scientific and skilful for the common man. However, a few housekeepers produce homemade bread. In early 1930, the first bakery store was opened to sell the extra products from over-production in the bakeries at a low cost to consumers.

The local people enjoyed the products much that the bakery decided to open another store in a different area. The consumers of this new location found out benefits in the outlet store as they enjoyed all the baked items offered for sale. Economically, this search for business helped the bakeries recover some of the cost of the ingredients of these products that would normally be destined.

By the 1940’s close to two hundred bakery stores were opened and consumers across the nation enjoyed the benefits of reduced prices in bread and cake products. Moving into the 1960’s more production facilities became available and we found a growing need to open more bakery outlets to increase the number of consumers who consumed bakery products.

Top Star Hotel is situated a few kilometres from TotalNkwen and beside SONEL office Cow Street, found in Bamenda Three Subdivision, Mezam division of the northwest region of Cameroon. This was where the internship was carried out which the main aim of the internship was “the roles of raising agents in the bakery”.

During this period of internship at the bakery, a variety of items were produced with the use of raising agents such as baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, yeast to come with a good texture of the products.

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