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Assessing the generation and importance of boreholes as a result of water scarcity in Buea

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As the year’s past, the world’s population increases so does the population of Buea.  This has attributed to water scarcity and shortage in supply

In essence, to stop the problem of water scarcity, many individuals and the government have constructed boreholes.

A borehole is a deep round hole made in the ground by a machine to access underground water.

 The presence of many boreholes in Buea is as a result of the increase in population as many people migrate to Buea for University education from the University of Buea and other private Universities like the Catholic University.

Also, migration into Buea is because of Academic research, tourism, professional and administrative services, business and commercial activities, jobs and livelihood search.  All this immigration to Buea causes a huge demand for water which leads to water shortage which causes the digging of boreholes in order to access clean water.

Changes in climate change have also reduced natural water sources.  The flow of water from the tap is not constant hence the multiplication of boreholes to arrest the problem of water shortage.

Although boreholes reduce water shortages it does not reduce ti completely as some areas in Buea don’t have boreholes due to lack of funds to construct one.



In this study, the problem to be addressed is to investigate the generation of boreholes and the importance of boreholes to the people of Buea municipality in relation to water shortage and water scarcity a problem faced by the Buea population.

Over the years there have been rapid increases in the population of Buea municipality and this has triggered a rise in the demand for water leading to a shortage in supply of water, areas like Molyko have this characteristic.

The construction of several boreholes water facilities by corporate bodies and individuals undermines the stability of the Earth’s crust ad exposes the citizens to potential crustal changes related issues.

Taking proper measures into consideration before constructing a borehole, like checking the stability of the crust will help arrest the problem of water scarcity in areas of water shortage and the risk of exposing citizens to potential crustal changes related issues from digging up boreholes will be reduced.


The aim of this study is to assess the generation and importance of boreholes as a result of water scarcity in Buea.

 This study will seek as its objectives to first describe the study area, identify areas that have that experience of water scarcity.  This research will also try to bring out reasons why boreholes are dupped up to reduce water scarcity affecting inhabitants of Buea.


  • What is the importance of boreholes to the people of Buea?
  • What factors lead to the construction of boreholes?


  • How does water scarcity affect the people living in Buea?
  • What are the causes of water scarcity?
  • Why do people live in these areas of water scarcity?


  • Inadequate constant water supply causes the construction of boreholes in Buea. The construction of boreholes increases when water shortage leads to water scarcity.
  • Population growth is responsible for the multiplication of boreholes in Buea.


The methodology is the steps taken to get information for this research and how the data will be analyzed for results. the methods here include primary and secondary methods of acquiring data and their interpretation.

The primary technique of data collection makes use of tools like a camera, book, pen, pencil to collect data from the field, also data will also be gotten through field interviews of individual households and local administrative offices with the use of a recording tape.

The secondary technique includes a collection of information related to the study from the reading of past published articles, journals and internet sources.

Data gotten from both primary and secondary sources will be analyzed and compiled to produce the required results.

Here the number of boreholes in the past will be compared with that of the present including the population of the past and present.  Important reasons of boreholes being constructed will be gotten from interview recordings.


Some of the significance of this study will be;

  • This study will help to bring out the main issues responsible for the water supply shortage to the serving knowledge of the Buea population.
  • It will also help by orientating people to take proper majors into consideration before constructing boreholes.
  • Also, it will bring out awareness on other solutions to water scarcity
  • Furthermore, it is important academically because it is educative


Boreholes in Buea are important because it helps solve the problem of water shortage and water scarcity caused by the increasing population of Buea which demands a large supply for water and also because the flow of water is not constant.

The multiplication of boreholes can be regulated by the government by improving the water supplying unit to ensure a constant flow of water at accessible points like public taps.

The ground should be properly checked before digging up boreholes to avoid crustal instability and the risk and danger it can put citizens living in this area in


  • Evaluation of Biomedical waste management of the Buea Regional Hospital
  • Food production and population growth in Buea.
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