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This study investigated the influence of management information system.

And information dissemination on student Academic Achievement in Ogbomosho South Local Government Area secondary Schools of Oyo State. Population consisted of all secondary schools in Ogbomoso South Local Government Area of Oyo State.
Through random sampling method, five schools were selected, five hypotheses were formulated and tested to provide answer to problems identified in the study.

Fifteen item questionnaire deserve was validated and administered to the five secondary schools.

The data collected were analyzed using AWR.
The results showed that there was significant relationship between MIS and effective school Academic Achievement, School Productivity, School Managerial efficiency and effectiveness and principals problems solving skills.
It was recommended that efforts should be made by the secondary school authorities to make all categories of its staff understand the need and importance of introducing effective MIS in secondary schools.


Background to the Study
All managerial functions including planning, organizing, directing and controlling require some measure of information for successful organizational performance.

The main tool that makes the accomplishment possible is management information system which allows for determination and critical weighing of establishment’s present and future information needs.
Modern education system like other modern social and economics systems have becomes increasingly complex.

The complexities of educational system and their institutions particularly in Nigeria and other developing countries tend to be characterized by such phenomenon as student population explosion, diversities in the direction and dimension of programs and operational goals and procedures.

Others includes inadequacy of fund and other materials resources even in the face of excruciating inflationary, spiral conflicting models, policies, theories and methodologies.

Perhaps most importantly are the inadequacy of information on the above phenomenon and other strategic management variables.
At the core of the above bewildering lost of complex variables is the problem of paucity of information management.

The demand for appropriate, adequate and timely information of management decision and operational functions of Nigeria. Education appears particularly challenging in the current situation where available data are unreliable, unmanageable generally advancing.

The educational system is expanding at an unprecedented rate. As the system and its institutions grow or expand, so do the problem of their planning organizing, administrating monitoring and controlling.

There is need for increased information management among educational administrators, planners and policy makes.
Information is one of the four prerequisites needed to ensure that changing society makes wise achievement (Ongregbe 1990).

The other vital factors include Academic Achievement social analysis and well informed achievement makes and appropriate institutions.

Thus accurate and up to date information has become the key to success of any organization interns of development and policy making.

Management has however evolves managing money, men and materials time and information (3MI) as a matter of fact, management information system (MIS) is fast becoming a discipline by itself.
Management is the guidance, leadership and control of a group of people towards some common objectives.

It is a social or international and economic process involving a sequence of coordinating and controlling or loading in order to use available resources in achieve a desired outcome in the fast and most efficient way.

Information is made up of a wide range of and variety of things ranging from oral and printed words, figures, statements, files and documents to such elements as signals, sound, ray of colors and waves.
System: as originated from Greek meaning an organized relationship among functioning units or component (Oguta 1999).

Many definitions of term ‘system’ abound but most seem to have a common impression that a system is an orderly grouping of interdependent component linked together according to a plan to achieve a specific goal.
Management information system refers to the techniques, process and.

The structure that will be useful for managerial decision in schools. It is also refers to as a system which provides front-line managers (principals) at the institutional level with the tools enable them to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the broadest, sense an to improve the performance of their schools as learning institutions.

Such system includes Record Keeping some of these records include.

The log book, student – Attendance Register, and staff Attendance Register.

The information gotten from thus register could be used in Achievement Academic about the staff on either to be promoted or given any responsibility in the school.

There are other records such as, staff personal information, Teachers Annual Evaluation Reports. e.t.c.
The researcher is therefore motivated to find out the possible influence of using a well articulated management information system to ensure the Academic Achievement process in Ogbomoso South Local Government Area secondary schools. This motivation is based on the fact that an effective MIS provides the information needed at all level of management determine and examine for timely control and Academic Achievement towards goal attainment.

Statement of the Problem
Effective planning and control of organization requires good information system, logical Academic Achievement requires and understanding of the circumstances surrounding an issues and timely the information, the better the resulting Achievement. Unfortunately, most schools are faced with the problem of lack of good system of managing information to make effective Achievement.

Without appropriate well managed information no Achievement significance of itself.

It is only when it is processed, tested and compared that it can find its place in the balance of facts and inferences that make for Achievements.
Administration must develop extensive network of reporting or MIS to retain essential information over a long period of time for effective Academic Achievement few organizations have been successful in developing total adequate information system for Academic Achievement.

If information is considered material to management, how can the front-line operative supervisor, divisional heads, branch managers and chief executives manage information for organization effectiveness and efficiency?

This research attempts to find out the influence of management information system on Academic Achievement of students in secondary school in Ogbomoso South Local Government Area.

Purpose of the Study
Information constitutes the most important tool and indeed the very essence of management function particularly in educational management.

The natural conclusion from the above is that information in its right quantity and quality is the most essential tool for Academic Achievement in management.
The purpose of this research work is to examine the influence of information Dissemination and information management on students Academic Achievement.

This study’s prime purpose is to examine effective utilization of management information system.
For Academic Achievement in Ogbomoso South Local Government Area Secondary Schools.

It is the belief of the researcher that the examination of the above fact will give a clue or fact to the relationship between the two variables in question.

That is the relationship between management information system and Academic Achievement.



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