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An Assessment Of Branding And Packaging As Promotional Instruments

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The duties performed by a company include the building of a unique brand name that will eventually fit a product for easy identification.
A product is anything tangible that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition use or consumption that can satisfy a want or need.
Product process tangible and tangible attributes which include packaging service product also posses many characteristics which include quality, features, styling, branding and packaging.
Branding can be defined as a process of using a particular names, signs, trade marks, symbols by manufacturers or producers for easy identification of their products from that of competition while brand is that part which can be visualized e.g. coke, 7up, thermocool etc.

For easy identification of product which can be consumer or industrial product, branding is used as a unique form for instance flash detergent powder, vogue toilet soap and canon photo copying machine each of them contain a unique symbol and sign which aid in differentiating product in the market.
Packaging is an activity involved in designing and producing suitable container and wrapper of a product.

This can be primary and secondary form.
In a common consumer product e.g. Hi-clean scouring powder and flash blue detergent powder, the plastic container that house the scouring powder and the paper carton which contain flash scouring powder and flash detergent as secondary package.
All those protection product from being damage and his appeal directly and indirectly to the consumer.
Packaging is essential as promotional instrument to the producers and sellers consumer re-use packaging for example bourn vital paper packs are used by little kids to make many structure such as toy cars, toy lorries and toy game posts.

Pronto wives for storing purposes.
This study will be mostly concerned about how branding and packaging have been effective tools for product differentiation in marketing of consumer products.
Marketing is defined by Philip Kotler (1988) as a social and management process by which individual and group obtains what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others.

Another definition says “marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipate and satisfying consumers requirement predictability.

Form this definition of marketing it is seen that it is only branding and packaging that consumer can recognize their loyal brand and as such they can make a repeat purchase for instance different colours of detergent package consumers to differentiate their choice and type and this form loyalty to that brand that eventually established and developed.
Branding is very important and helps producer since:
i. It encourage repeat purchase at lower cost to the producer
ii. It develops loyal customers to that brand through repeat purchases.
iii. It builds up corporate image of the organization
iv. It leads to product identification and protection
In any research work, certain problem are usually identified for the study to solve.

It is the way a problem is defined that governs the ability of decision makers to search and identify appropriate solution.

In this regards, below are the study;
i. What are the problem consumer face in their choice of brand and how has branding and packaging been effective in marketing of consumer products?
ii. Has there been any benefit that the consumers and producer get from branding a product?
iii. Have branding packaging not been considered to be ways of deceiving consumers of the quality of that of an advantage of the corporate image of the organization?
iv. How could be consumer who suffered disappointment due to poor quality of the product be identified and then compensated so that he could make a repeat purchase?
This research work will be useful for practical purpose which shows how the attributes to the products in relation to branding and packaging as an added quality, can help or assist in marketing of product.
Other purpose of the study are itemized below:
i. To investigate and find out result whether packaging and branding helps in differentiating consumers product in relations to soap and detergent manufacturing industries.
ii. To know whether branding and packaging serve as promotional instruments.
iii. To carry out investigations on the effect of branding and packaging in creating and stimulating repeats purchase.
iv. To carry out investigation on how consumer choose their brand and factors that influence their choice and how to treat the factors.
v. To identify the brands of soaps carried out by Global soap and detergent industries limited Ilorin that is most beautiful and to identify different types of packaging sizes and structures.
Apart from the benefits the researcher stands to gain from this study, the study will be of greater benefits to the organization in question.

This project related to why is necessary and worthwhile to understand the study and the importance of it is the consumer and producer of a special product.
i. The study of branding and packaging as effective tools for product differentiation in marketing consumer products.
ii. The economic and social importance of consumer product particularly toilet soap and detergent, powder soap to Nigeria economy of great importance and any study that would enhance the producers success.
The significance of the study can be explained with respect to the following.
i. Discipline: this study is importance to the discipline of marketing as it relates to branding and packaging as tools for product differentiation.
ii. The society: This study will also be of benefit to the whole society as it is relevant to branding and packaging as a tool for product differentiation.
iii. Business organization: this study is limited to any global soap detergent the Ilorin and how they can manage their soap or differentiate if from other soap.
iv. It is part of the requirement for the award of Higher National in marketing and it will enrich the knowledge if the writer.

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