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Evaluation of Competitive Strategies adopted by Seaside Tourism Establishments in Limbe I and II Municipalities

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In the past 70 decades tourism has grown to be one of the largest and fastest rising industries right from the days of the Grand Tour, Thomas Cook and others without leaving out the widespread of seaside resorts which is one of the most popular type of tourism in prison days. Seaside tourism refers to tourism focus on coastal activities including swimming, surfing, sunbathing and other coastal recreation activities. In this light, thousands of destinations have invested in seaside tourism businesses and this has brought about grand competitive amongst the mass. These businesses have developed competitive strategies to beat competition and stay in business but still the implementation of these strategies is faced with numerous challenges. It is important to investigate the types and nature of competitive strategies in use and opt for modification in order to resolve challenges faced .


Chapter one comprises of general introduction, background of the study, statement of problem, research questions, research objectives, research hypotheses, study area, scope of the study, significant of the study, outline of the study and operational definition of terms. This research work is broken down into four other chapters which includes chapter which presents conceptual review, Theoretical review and research gaps and contributions. Chapter three presents the methodology which is research design, study area, study population , sampling procedures and sampling size, instruments, data collection, data analysis procedure and ethical considerations.


           People have always had means for tourism weather to explore new culture, to try new cuisine, to engage in different touristic activities, sports and health, business. The rise of tourism and tourism industry in the whole can be dated back to the 17th century were Young nobles of western and northern Europe took upon themselves to explore different countries so what was known as the Grand Tour. The industrial revolution brought about the appearance of new social classes which leads to more developments in transport. The improvements in fries and passenger transport contributed to the right of leisure, new forms of entertainment and travel( Carmen Pérez R. 2020) . As tourism continue growing with the help of the grantor and competition began among tourism operators, the 19th century saw the creation of the first travel agencies. One of the pioneers was the Thomas Cook and son which was the first author as cautions and holidays for groups which included transport accommodation and food tickets dose making costs cheaper. This will be the region of what we now know as package holidays offered by men tourism operators in the same time. As time went on, there was an integration of hotel companies, travel agencies and airlines offered new products and new leisure activities revolving around sports and health amongst others. l( Carmen Pérez R. 2020) . Talking of hotels hospitality, it was not until the 1700s that there was the first appearance of Inns which were basically shelters by the road were  travellers stopped by to take rest and get some food before continuing the journey. Ins give birth to hotels and hotels presented more sophisticated facilities which provided  better rooms and other services. Tremont hotel in Boston Massachusetts was the first constructed luxury hotel. Tremont  hotel had set a benchmark for luxurious hotels in those days( Russell and Dawson) . The hotels and Inns started giving more importance to services to stand out different than other hotels as they kept improving their services and facilities to keep up with the newly found started having bars while improving architecture and aesthetics at the same. Competition amongst businesses was on a rise . Hotels started been Moses story and had a beautiful exterior. Soon it was a trend for well decorated ceilings and beautiful crystal chandeliers in order to stand out different from other hotels. in the 20th century, a lot of people started approaching architectural design firm to change the hotel design architecture by incorporating more and more facilities. Innovations in transportation systems enabled more and more people to travel. Some people saw the opportunity and jumped into the hotel business. That is why the early to mid 20th century a lot of giant hotel chain started doing your business. The industry has become more competitive than ever ( Russell and Dawson) .

        The seaside resort and beach holiday, In it’s various guises played a central role in the development of tourism as a great international industry, agents of economic and social transformation and Depositor of deepening environmental footprints across the globe ( John K Walton) . Seaside resorts developed first in Britain, during the early to meet 700, when CBD what is the most popular at that time and seawater was considered treatment for many conditions. Sunbathing was also very desired at that time. The number of curiosity bidders increased rapidly in the second half of the 18th century in Britain, and inhabitants of coastal towns adapted to new demands, expanding and improving accommodation, transportation, and related services thus, the first seaside resorts emerged out of pre-existing settlements. By 1789 sea bathing was firmly established in Britain in places like Brighton, Margate, and Scarborough, and the fashion was beginning to attract adherents across the Channel. Local entrepreneurs, municipal and occasionally national government bodies, and outside investors like railway companies came together in various configurations to drive the construction of bathing facilities, hotels, casinos, public gardens, piers, and fun parks. An “architecture of pleasure” developed, with fanciful villas and public buildings creating unique urban environments, particularly along the prized seafront. All these led to the booming of tourism in this areas. But the spread of the modern seaside resort from its eighteenth-century British origins to become a global phenomenon, undergoing various transformations in the process and thereby generating intensifying competition for the original, and increasingly mobile, British market, began early and is still continuing, with the relentless advance of the ‘pleasure periphery’ across endlessly desirable (but not, it is becoming clear, endlessly available) vistas of new and ‘unspoiled’ coastline ( John K Walton) . I’m the above mentioned trends , strategies

like like rebranding, innovation and packaging is seen to be practiced by the business runners of that that till present date in order to keep their businesses in the market. 

    In the world today soo many seaside resorts are stepping onto the top of the chart for best luxurious while others are putting up their best competitive strategies to stay on the top. In the tourism industry competition is the ball game to keep the ship sailing high. Amongst the thousands of seaside resorts trying to stay up the competition chain , some major resorts have master the competitive tactics and strategies and this can be clearly seen in the way they  package, brand and different themselves from other similar businesses. Four Seasons Bora Bora one of the top notch sea side resorts located in the South Pacific’s most famous island is a perfect example a business that masters competition. This resort is the epitome of luxury, five star services and all of the romantic splendour of the south seas, with spacious overwater bungalows , views of Bora Bora’s breath-taking mountains and endless ocean, infinity pools , 4 on-site  islands restaurants, open air fitness centre and a water front spa. A world class service that you can only get at Four Seasons resorts (Christina 2020) .  Bora Bora also concentrated on digital marketing to sell its destination. Bora Bora is not only a tourist hot spot  but also a thriving  business hub.  From hotels and many entrepreneurs who operate on the inland and strive  to attract more customers. For this reason Bora Bora uses digital means like  , social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, paid advertisement.

     The Maldives who is one of the biggest competitors of the Bora Bora sea resort found in The Maldives are able to keep up with competition due to the similar and even more luxurious services and tropical scenery presented to their guests . visitors. With over 170 hotels to choose from, and more than 130 restaurants. Maldives offer visitors with diverse range of options( Ambaross December 8) . With the Maldives reaching one million tourists in 2013 (Bosely 2013), compared to the 103,138 tourists visiting the whole of French Polynesia in 2014, highlights the stronger tourist domination within the Maldives. Although Bora Bora provide the most popular hotel brands to their guests, the Maldives offer more of the luxurious hotel chains including Banyan Tree, Taj as well as Universal resorts. The Maldives also offer similar luxury to their guests at an competitive price, where on average a 5 star resort is $800pm ( n.d) compared to Bora Bora where it is $1,132pn for 5 star ( 2014). Additionally, the Maldives are a threat due to their abundance of attractions and activities that are offered to their tourists. According to this , Maldives capitalises on the differentiation and cost leadership strategies in order to put up their competition game.

     In the world today, countries with seaside potentials are striving to grow internationally and become more competitive with added value and redefined facilities and activities . This is made possible by the implementation of business competitive strategies and developing countries are not out of the list. In Africa, a perfect example is Zanzibar beach resorts.Zanzibar beach resorts is a renounced resort in Tanzania . They receive diverse range of visitors from national to international. Zanzibar beach resorts being in a less developed or developing country has high competitors like the Bora Bora beach resorts , the Maldives, the seyishells  who offer similar and luxurious services. Yet Zanzibar still sells and is on the lip of many tourists all over the world. This destination is highly involved into business technology. Zanzibar has websites where they market and sell their destination and services online. Zanzibar also uses differentiation as tool, in the way they brand and present their services. Quite different from the others. They offer activities like sports, accommodation, romans and honeymoon, adventure, kite surfing and private kite classes , jet ski. Another competitive strategy used by Zanzibar in 2023 is the cost leadership strategy. Prices this 2023 were unbelievably low ( . Zanzibar understands the necessity for human resource as they employ qualified and certified workers for every service.

         In Cameroon, one can find a good number of beach resorts ranging from 2 stars to five stars who offer coastal services like spa, swimming , canoeing, sea shore football, accommodation, restaurant, recreation and entertainment. Some are more popular than others due to their competitive skills. Location accessibility plays a big role as a competitive advantage. Most beach hotels in Cameroon come with similar luxury and infrastructures with little or no touch of modernisation as compared to international standards. Recreation and entertainment are almost the same all round. A few of these hotels do implement competitive strategies like low cost leadership, differentiation and good marketing skills and human resource but to an almost minimal extent. Some Examples of beach resorts in Cameroon include: The Llomba beach hotel in Kribi which offers competitive amenities like 18 air-conditioned rooms, including 2 suites, a terrace restaurant and a beachfront bar. Special animations for the holiday season, Easter and for May 20.A generator and water reserve . Parking and beach with guarding. Beach facilities, swimming, giant chess games, billiards, karaoke, bar TV, children’s games, proximity to the Lobé Falls, canoeing on the Lobé, visit of the Pygmies villages, excursion to the Campo reserve, Rocher du Loup, visit to the city of Kribi. The Seme beach resorts and Spa Located in Limbe, 1.6 km from Botanic Garden.  HOTEL SEME BEACH provides accommodation with an outdoor swimming pool, free private parking, a garden and a terrace. Featuring water sports facilities, the 3-star hotel has air-conditioned rooms with a private bathroom. Guests can enjoy African and American dishes at the restaurant or have a cocktail at the bar. All units in the hotel are equipped with a kettle. Every room comes with a flat-screen TV, and certain units at HOTEL SEME BEACH have a sea view. Buffet and continental breakfast options are available daily at the accommodation. Billiards game, table tennis and tennis , and the area is popular for horse riding and fishing. The Atlantic beach resort which offers amenities like Free parking, Free High Speed Internet (WiFi), Pool, Bar / lounge , beach front , Children Activities (Kid / Family Friendly), Pets Allowed ( Dog / Pet Friendly ), Airport transportation, Hot tub, Outdoor pool, Restaurant, Spa, 24-hour front desk, Laundry service. Hotel du phare in Kribi which offers a Beach-front, free Wi-Fi ,free Parking, Restaurant , Bar, Full-service laundry, Child-friendly, Parking & transport, Local shuttle.

1.3 Problem Statement

               As one of the key components of a business’s growth and success, selecting the best competitive strategies and mode of implementation is crucial. A successful competitive upfront fir season destinations in the world today must include products and services with latest technology and luxurious trends like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, technology advanced accommodation and restoration infrastructures, a great number of sports and relaxation activities and entertainment. Competitive advantage allows a company to achieve superior margins and generate value for the company and its shareholders (Kyle 2023).  

 In order to achieve competitive advantage, seaside facilities in Limbe are offering various products and services which are almost similar in most cases .A great percent of seaside facilities in limbe offer just services like accommodation, restoration, beach front and outdoor pool with little or no touch of uniqueness and extra customer care and enthusiasm. All though this be the case, A few resorts like The Atlantic beach hotel and the Seme Beach resort and Spa offer more luxurious services with a little added value. One of the biggest national rival destination as opposed to Limbe is Kribi. Kribi offers resorts with more exotic activities and services. Hotel Llomba offers services like  18 air-conditioned rooms, including 2 suites, a terrace restaurant and a beachfront bar. The restaurant offers French cuisine, fish and shrimp specialties. Special animations for the holiday season, Easter and for May 20. A  generator and a water reserve ensure the continuity of your comfort. Parking and beach with guarding. Beach facilities, swimming, giant chess games, billiards, karaoke, bar TV, children’s games, proximity to the Lobé Falls, canoeing on the Lobé, visit of the Pygmies villages, excursion to the Campo reserve, Rocher du Loup, visit to the city of Kribi. Unlike seaside facilities in Limbe, Kribi offers a diverse range of touristic getaways and this out Kribi on the top list for best seaside destinations in Cameroon. Although Kribi struggles to stand out, still some very vital modern and international ingredients are missing in the services they offer .  Be it the nature of infrastructure, activities and entertainment, IT integration.

The Ibo Islam Lodge of Quirimbas Archipelago, Mozambique is a luxurious hotel which offers seaside activities and a blend of culture all rapped in some luxury and a good level of technology.  Choose from, and more than 130 restaurants, Maldives offer their visitors with a diverse.


General Research Question

How effective are competitive strategies of seaside enterprises in Limbe  I and II fostering the growth of their business

   1.5 Specific Research Questions

  1. What are the different competitive strategies adopted by season tourism enterprises in Limbe I and II municipalities
  2. How has current competitive strategies contributed to the growth of seaside tourism enterprises in limbe I and II Municipalities
  3. What are the challenges faced in implementing competitive strategies of seaside tourism enterprises in Limbe I and II Municipalities
  4. How can competition in seaside tourism enterprises in Limbe I and II be improved
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