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Conception, Design, and Realization of a Convertible Study Table

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The present-day study titled Conception Design and Realization of Convertible study Table

With storage facilities attempt to solve the problem of space in the rooms of students in HTTTC Kumba. This project will help to avoid the disorder caused by books, documents and papers in the room and make organization and access to those books easier, drinking of tea and reading books, newspapers and drawing. The cabinet will also serve as a decorative unit in the rooms. The work has been divided into two parts, the first part is entitled a theoretical study of the project, which has distributed as follows: Conception decision to achieve the objectives of the study, material study, conversion and seasoning of the wood, finishing and protecting wood, dimensioning, as well as the second part entitled Practical study and realization which has: Technical document which analyses aspects related to a proper realization of the entire project, Planification which enumerates the various steps involved in the realization and Costing and evaluation  which permitted us to arrive at an estimated cost of 247.900frs




The Higher Technical Teacher Training College of Kumba in the University of Buea has made it a point of duty to send final year students out within a specified period to do research and write projects. This goes a long way to reinforce the teachers in the making in the domain of research since a teacher is someone who never stops learning and needs to do more research. Wood from creation has been very helpful to man. It was principally the basic material that was used for the construction of a shelter for man to live in long before the idea of building modern blockhouses. Wood is found in a countless number of places and not only does it provide beauty, but also can resist long enough and is durable. Today, we can find wood in toilets, toilet seats, places to sit, restaurants, and cabinets. (Clothes, food, dishes, valuables, etc…) rail ways and we could go on and on for countless other things. Archaeologists studying some of the earliest civilizations have unearthed some wooden handicrafts dating back to 5000 BC. Some Indian handicrafts are around 5000 years old. Evidence of wood carvings and sculptures are found from the Vedic age (period), some 1500 BC. A sculpture, figure or figurine, may be formed out of wood using a cutting or carving tool.

One remark in Africa and particularly in Cameroon is that the population is still ignorant of the usefulness of the wood and the design that it can bring in their offices, hotels, and houses; in brief in their environment. In the professional milieu, involving enterprises and industries, the writing of technical documents and the establishment of the production cost presents a shortage that can be observed in the quality and the high costs of wooden products presented in our market. Daily to help the students grow intellectually. It also enables the student teachers to put into practice all they have learnt in school to convince the administration and lecturers of this prestigious institution that they are fit to go out and serve the nation.

Taking a close look at our societal activities, it is possible to conclude, that “Cameroon is a building site” and yet still become a beautiful country by its infrastructures and cabinets displayed in different styles and variety of colours.

It is in this regard that, they have decided to give us research on this topic titled “CONCEPTION, DESIGN AND REALISATION OF A CONVERTIBLE STUDY TABLE. This cabinet is realised from natural Cameroon wood IROKO which is scientifically called ( Chlorophora excelsa) of the  Moraceae family.

In this order, our work will be divided into two parts:

The first part will present the theoretical study of the project, in which we have the problem and analysis of the project, a review of literature, and the study of wood material and method. The second part presents the practical study (study and fabrication processes of the project and conclusion).  

In this chapter, we shall focus on the results of the findings and the analysis of this project, which will take us through the study of this project to attain the objectives and some of the limitations in course of the execution and the realization of the study table (multipurpose furniture.)



In most rooms especially for the student teachers in Higher Technical Teacher Training College H.T.T.T.C Kumba of the University of Buea, many activities need to be carried out in the room. However, without enough space for the occupant, there is a need for a convertible study table because the table available in the occupant’s room can’t perform all the tasks, which might lead to discomfort and displacement of some documents. Since the convertible study table can make a huge difference in the way you work, study or write, eat, provision of the storage unit, such as the keeping of files, books, documents, computer, ironed dresses etc. The study table will also help you in boosting your efficiency and productivity instantly. Moreover, you do not have to worry about everything will be in one place. For that reason, we taught it wise to come up with the convertible study table, which will enable the occupant to work, and as well accommodate documents for a problem of this nature to be solved as a matter of safety, we recommend this furniture which will allow optimizing space.    


Research of this nature cannot be successfully carried out without some vital information;

  • Similar documents have been exploited from the library

  • Some information has been gotten from foreign industries via the internet;

  • Personal observations were carried out;

  • Interviews were conducted with some reliable persons such as technicians and users.

I.4. GENERAL OBJECTIVE                    

The general objective is to solve the problem of space in rooms of students in (HTTTC) Kumba.


  • To conceive, design and realize a convertible study table.
  • Determine the different materials and tools that will be used.
  • Make the cutting list and cost estimate.
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