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This research topic is an evaluation of the use of advertising as promotion tool in manufacturing industries.

That is through examination of the uses of advertising advertising is a paid form of non – personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services lay an identify sponsors. It can also be said that advertising is an from of communication through media bont a products and ideals and helps to sell brands of products and ideas and helps to build confidence in companies and institutions to consumers about the brand or/ and compelling information to consumers about the brand or company that have been paid for by identified sponsor. However It is also an instrument used to educate, create awareness and inform the potentials and existing customers abouts about a new product.

No company or companies can do without advertising its products, product that even sell self make do with advertising because onces a product is been produced and is in the market, automatically, an act of advertising is being practice, customers a times have no or knowledge about the product either in terms of the company’s name, logo, usages and other but with the help of advertising, customers/ consumers may have knowledge of what they want to buy.

Therefore, advertising is one of the promotional mix which helps the company to have high return on sales of a product and also build good image to the company.

Chapter one
1.0 introduction
1.1 background to the study
When any manufacturing undertaking spring up, it becomes imperative for its name to be known and whenever any productive activity (firm) faces hard time, nothing is more required than for its benefit to be made known and subsequently revived.also a firm having no drawbacks need relent in its effort to proclaim the importance of its products and services by increasing consumer awareness over its products and services through promotion.
Promotion spills over into almost every aspect of the marketing mix which is made up of a set of combined elements or variables which are partially controllable of influencing the consumer in a definite way.
Subsequently, promotional activities are all strategies that are implemented by tuyil pharmaceutical industries limited, ilorin to foster the sales of their googs its is a controllable integrated programme of communication method and materials designed to present the company and its product to prospective customers to communicate needs satisfying attributes of products towards the end of facilitating sales and thus contributing to long – run profit performance.
The major promotional tools include sales promotion, advertising. Personal selling and publicity.
These four major promotional tools aimed at exploiting the availability of demand stitulating element in the marketing mix.
But, with regards to this study, advertising will used as an evaluation as a promotional tool in manufacturing industries.
However, advertising is a paid form and non personal presentation of idea by an identified sponsor.
It is used to create awareness. Educate and persuade current or existing and potential customers of a particular product.
Undoubtedly, a splendid product, an exceptionally low piece and an ideal retail outlet place would. Produce negligible revenue and profit, if the promotion systems are not firm market or the general public regarding the company’s product and its benefit.finally, recommending ways in which some problems of promotional tools can be alleviated by industries.
Also, to broaden the knowledge of potential businessmen and workers in particular about the various steps to take before engaging in promotional activities.
1.2 statement of the problem of the study
in regard to this study, the use of advertising will be evaluated as a promotional tool in manufacturing industries.
The researcher want to do critical examination about the use of advertising to the pharmaceutical companies.
Tuyil pharmaceutical industry limited, ilorin will be taking as a case study, whether advertising really worth doing or it is a waste of resources.
Does it really have any positive or negative impact on the sales of pharmaceutical company?
However, through examination of the usefulness of advertising as a promotional tool in manufacturing industries is what the researcher want to research on.
1.3 aims and objectives of the study
the objective of this research project can be enumerated as follows:-
a. to evaluate the use of advertising as a promotional tool in manufacturing industries in nigeria.
b. To know the meaning, benefits and problems of advertising on the potential consumers and also the organization of large.
c. To evaluate the effectiveness of advertising
d. To measure the effectiveness of advertising.
e. Furthermore, recommending ways in which some problems of promotional tools can be alleviated by industries, also to broaden the knowledge of potential businessmen and marketer in particular about the various steps to take before engaging in promotional activities.
1.4 significance of the study
this research project will be of great importance to the department of marketing and students of marketing at all level, because it studies the evaluation of the use of advertising as a promotional tool.
It will also broaden the students’ knowledge in knowing more about promotion.
This project is as well useful to the other pharmaceutical companies and the marketing organization or executives of the company will have one or two points to gain from the report which will be useful to the development of the company.
The management of tuyil pharmaceutical industries limited, ilorin will also find this research project a good and beneficent one because the centre focus of the study is on their organization and it will be a great tool to be used in making necessary adjustments to their operations.
The society at large are not accepted from the benefits of this research project as the study does not cover only tuyil pharmaceutical company who produces these product.
Vamoron blood tonic, tutolin cough syrup, tudox suspension, tumol syrup, karaoke pain relief gecrol suspension, vitamin a (syrup, tucillin syrup and so on but also includes ways on how promotion will contributes to the satisfaction of every individual as a whole.
Lastly, the project work is to meet the partial requirement for the award of higher national diploma in marketing as regulated by national board for technical education (NBTE)

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