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Over the past decades, WLAN has become increasable popular gaining millions of people installing them.

The driving factor for the success of WLAN is cost reduction, the mobility it provides to users, and reduced damages of cables.

But WLAN does not come with advantages only it also brings threats and vulnerabilities in terms of security since its mean source of transmission of signals is using radio frequencies which is susceptible to attacks from outsiders.

Firstly, this project focuses on the introduction of WLAN and its application in creating an automated school attendance system.

Secondly, the configurations for the implementation of a WLAN system and also the various algorithms to implement the automated attendance system over the network.

Finally, we show the results of the implementation and the users experience to the system.

This system will go a long way to increase the output of both teachers and students as they can use the network for research purposes.

Also, the automated attendance system will save and maximize enough time for lectures to be carried out effectively.



1.1 Background and Context of the Study

 Wire1ess Local Area Networks (WLANs) can be deployed by organizations who want to network devices such as desktop computers, laptop computers and personal digital assistants (PDAs).

WLANs may also be implemented in situations where cabling is difficult or impossible or where there are restrictive covenants on making structural changes to the building.

They improve the productivity of staff, the hardware required is relatively inexpensive compared to traditional fixed networks, and no cabling is needed.

Installation problems in locations where network cabling would be difficult or impossible are thereby overcome.

For example, a building may have restrictive covenants that would prevent the tenants from making structural changes such as drilling holes in walls, they are easier to set up out-of-the-box than wired networks, they improve the portability of components like laptop computers and they improve the expandability of a network as additional users and access points may be added easily.

WLANs use radio frequency (RF) signals to transmit and receive data. The wireless transmission medium contrasts with traditional wired networks where the data signals are conveyed via cables that are protected by the physical boundaries and access controls of the building.

The differences between wireless and wired networks is that WLANs suffer from security concerns, such as eavesdropping and bandwidth theft, that are not readily present in wired networks.

This security issues are easily overcome by default encryption policies.

Also, tracking is the use of various methods of surveillance to gather information about the activities and locations of students, workers etc. so as to enhance efficiency of the organization. 

With the increasing rate of dishonesty and unpunctuality, most organizations especially school establishments are investing more money into student follow-up.

Student attendance management is a must have in most institutions as it helps keeps track of the students’ attendance.

Attendance of students is a vital part in a student life as it directly affects their overall performance in most cases.

Keeping track of the student’s attendance is a different task for the teacher as there are many educational institutions till implementing the traditional attendance system where attendance is taken by passing a checklist around and students will mark their attendance which leads to a situation where reports are not easily generated

1.2 Problem Statement

Saving and maximizing time in an educational milieu is a very important factor for the smooth running of the establishment.

Therefore, using the wired technology and the traditional form of taking attendance causes major problems to the organization

  • Mobility

 Wired technology lacks the mobility that wireless technology provides You are physically limited to the reach of the cable, moving equipment that is even within the range of the cable may be difficult if you choose to mount the cables rather than have them dangling.

  • Damage

 Wires are easily damaged, which is not as large of a concern with wireless technology. Exposed cables are susceptible to everyday abuse from things such as cleaning.

Wires that are exposed and not properly laid may also pose a tripping risk, not only damaging the cable but also potentially sending someone to the emergency room.

  • Cost

The cost of wired technology can be quite expensive when used in large buildings. This is especially true when locating cables underground or running them through multiple stories of a building.

Depending on the size and scope of the job, professional crews may be needed to install wired networks for your business.

  • Time consumption

Also, with the traditional attendance system, the entire process of taking attendance is time-consuming and tiring. Imagine taking the attendance for 200 students and each student takes 30 seconds to mark their attendance, they waste an approximate time of 1hour 30minutes out of the 2hours assign for each lecture. Hence, lectures are less effective.

  • Inaccuracy in attendance

Another problem of the traditional method in taking attendance is that the attendance of the student is not tracked accurately.

Some students might not even be able to mark their attendance due to human errors that occurs when passing the attendance list i.e. if there are many students in the class, the students might not be able to get hold of the attendance list to mark their attendance.

In most cases, some students might help their friends in taking their attendance.



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