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Design and Implementation of an Online Job-Search Portal for Zepstra Company Ltd

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Finding jobs that best suits the interest and skill set is quite a challenging task for the job seekers. In our economy today, jobseekers, companies and businesses miss out on opportunities, simply because they don’t have the right platforms to channel this opportunity to them.

The objective of this study is aim at DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF AN ONLINE   JOB-SEARCH PORTAL FOR ZEPSTRA COMPANY LTD that will help solve the problem of manual job posting on notice board.

In addition, finding the right candidate with the desired qualifications to fill their current job openings is an important task for the recruiters of any organization. Online job-search portal will certainly make job seeking convenient on both sides.

Job portal is a solution where recruiters as well as jobseekers meet aiming at fulfilling their individual requirement. Job-search portal will be the cheapest as well as the fastest source of communication reaching wide range of audiences on just a single click irrespective of their geographical distance.

The “Job-Search Portal” will provide an easy and convenient search for the jobseekers to find their desired jobs and for the recruiters to find the right candidate. Jobseekers from any background can search for their current job openings.

They can register with the portal and update their details and skill set. Companies can register with the portal and post their current openings. They can view the job applicant and screen them according to the best fit. Jobseekers can provide a review about the organization and job.




Technology is constantly changing; Society as we know depends on this fact. That which we take for granted today would have been the stuff for science fiction as little as fifty years ago.

In the early years of the twenty first century, it is computer and the internet that have captured the public imagination, and found their way into not just the working environments, but increasingly into the domestic spaces.

In this modern society, if we are not capable to copy up with these changes then we are not going to stand or survive anywhere in this technological world.

According to (Rothstein, 2011) On-line activities have in recent past replaced virtually every form of transactions. This is because of the advent of the internet, which provides a global network connection for all such activities. With this technology, many institutions have their tentacles spread across the globe.

In line with this trend, job search activities and job providers need to join the band wagon of the global community in shearing their information across the internet. The project work is based on this notion.

Today there is no place for errors, so as to make a system more effective and efficient we need such technology where errors prone chances must be least. In this scenario of this project, we are required to develop a web-based job-search portal application.

In this time of recession where everyone, is either experienced or fresher, is in search for a job. This job portal can prove to be helpful since it allows users of different profile to upload their CVs, search job on the basis of their qualification.

Job Search Portal is a web application, which serves jobseekers to find available job vacancies and Employers to identify eligible job seekers with the prospect of selecting the most qualified candidates.

The only way to select best-qualified candidate is to have a pool of eligible applicants, which is possible by drawing the interest of individuals in the market. Job search portals best serve this purpose.

 E-recruitment has become the standard means for employers and job seekers to meet their respective objectives.  The traditional methods for recruitment include Job fairs, University career employment services, Employee referrals, advertising in the newspapers, televisions etc.

With the advancement in technology and growth of internet usage, the e-recruitment has revolutionized the way organizations hire and candidates search for jobs. With the Online Job search portals, the recruitment process is speeded up at every stage from job postings, to receiving applications from candidates, interviewing   process. 

The cost of searching /posting jobs will be much less compared to the traditional way of advertising. Job search portal stands as an effective means for Employers to outline the job vacancies, responsibilities and qualifications to attract jobseekers.

Using the portal jobseekers can extensively search for jobs in companies, organizations and regions they may otherwise have not learnt.  In addition, candidates/Employers can write a review about an organization, which might help them to change the way things are done.

The online job-search portal is a hub of information, which helps the jobseekers find available job vacancies and Employers to identify eligible job seekers with the prospect of selecting the most qualified candidates. 

The system project is an online web and mobile application which can be opened anywhere with valid login credentials. This project consists of 5 modules:  Admin, Employer, Job seeker. 

Jobseekers must be able to login and upload their Curriculum Vitae (CV). Employers may also login and access or search any information uploaded by Job searchers. Overall it serves as a platform which accommodates to post, assemble and search for the information required by job seekers and employers.


The employment process has been manual in the past years. The traditional mode of employment takes a lot of steps from advertisement, application, verifying of application and conducting interviews therefore consuming a lot of time, effort and can be more costly

on both job seekers and employers. Applicants were required to search through Notice Board and visual media for opportunities, most times this job were limited to the applicant’s location, Application were submitted using the conventional methods which weren’t effective and efficient based on loss of document and many more.

The old system approach was tedious and requires much effort and resources, most times Employers need to advertise the vacancies and sort all applicants’ details, conduct selections procedures based on qualifications.



Online job portal project is aimed at developing or building an online job search portal for jobseekers. Jobseekers should be able to login and upload their curriculum vitae (CV). Companies and Organizations may also login and access or search any information uploaded by the jobseekers.


  • To detect and identify the need recruiters and job seekers which was incorporated into the system.
  • To design, develop and implement an effective and efficient job portal system.
  • To help employers to post their job offers online and search their database to find people who best suit their vacant job positions.
  • To help organizations attract, test, recruit, employ and retain quality staff with minimal amount of administration.
  • To reduce or totally remove “man know man” that goes amongst the recruitment agents or personnel managers.
  • To minimize the time consumed in job searching process and provide 24/7 accessibility


  1. What are the effects of manual handling of job application files?
  2. Can job portal improve searching and matching?


The researcher is concerned with an Online Job Portal; Scopes for the system are as follows:

Maintain Job Seeker and Employer records.

Maintain uploaded Resumes.

 Provide Customized Job Postings.

Maintain Job Posting details and generate various reports

Communication between job seekers and the company.

It contains feedback mechanisms


If this prototype is fully developed will be very useful in many areas such as:

Jobseekers can search and apply for jobs online without having to leave their homes.

It will ease the work of the personnel department of any organization.

 Companies can sort for and hire the best employees without spending huge sums of money to advertisement mediums.

It will create more employment opportunities for our youths.

The government can also review and deploy it to other sectors.

 Private individuals can also find it interesting.

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