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Design and Realization of a Didactic Bench of a Complete Electrical Starting, Signalization and Sunroof System of a Vehicle

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APC: competence based approach is the actual teaching method that prescribes in term of pedagogic education many parameters that should be observed during teaching. According to the APC, lesson is more efficient when didactic material is associated improved the understanding of the theoretical and practical lesson at the level of learner, mainly in technical school.

In order to help the state in professional teaching and to achieve the goal of APC, we have investigated in the various workshops in our schools and we realized the frequent absence of didactic material to teach.

Therefore, design and realization of didactic bench of a complete electrical starting signalization and sunroof system of a vehicle has retained all our attention.

For the didactic bench which consists here to give the teacher the didactic tool to facilitate teaching but also the understanding of students by mounting on a table the different components that realizes starting signalization with sunroof system of a vehicle and make it operational .

We ended up giving the procedure in eventual failure in order to maintain our achievement in a good mood of functioning.

We also have some recommendations in view to give the scope of value of didactic material the learning process and implementation of APC. of course , we encountered many difficulties in our work but realization of our didactic bench could give us satisfaction because it was the expected goal.

Based on some calculations, we have the following results :speed of ignition distributor shaft 1500 rpm;a battery 12V and the total weight of the didactic bench can be estimated at 30 to 35 KG.



In  automobile each vehicle has its technical document/technical manual which helps technician to interpret and solve a given problem on the vehicle.[1] However the research of breakdown is often difficult.

Therefore, we need to put in place a perfect methodology that helps to master, simplify the understanding of various electrical circuits of vehicle and also to simplify the research of breakdown in easy manner by the technicians.

Interpretation of schematic diagram, curve, mounting, figure, etc is very important in industry to understand more and better the functioning of different  circuits of a device or a mechanism.

Therefore when this ability, skills, knowledge does not effective that can reduce the performance  of worker and then the efficiency of technological industry and limit the learning talking about student and teacher in school.

Industry and school need a perfect didactic tool to simplify understanding learning. One of These methodologies is: “Design and Realization of a Didactic Bench of a Complete Electrical Starting, Signalization and sunroof System of a Vehicle.”


The manufacturers since the first vehicle was design by the engineer JOSEPH CUGNOT in 1769. The technical manual is associated  to the device or vehicle simultaneously in order to help technicians in enterprises to ensure maintenance when necessity is required but it is not easy to certain technicians to interpret this manual to understand more and better the various circuits that constitutes a vehicle in case of solving a given problem.

That is why we are researching on a design and realization of a didactic bench of a complete electrical starting signalization and roofing system of a vehicle so that the study is based on analysis in order to learn and teach students and to facilitate their understanding about this study, some advisory lesson can be learned to improve on general efficiency of industry and also the technicians’ performance.


Our aim here is to develop a possible solution to these problems so as to

  • Facilitate the understanding of the students about the them;
  • Facilitate interpretation and understanding of this study by technician in enterprise in case of solving problem;
  • Simplify the research of breakdown and time to research it;
  • Improve technicians’ performance;
  • Satisfy the market demands;

This study seeks to design and realize a didactic bench that can help technicians and learners to increase their knowledge and ability to intervene and solve may be malfunctioning or diagnose   on a given electrical circuit of a vehicle using this tool.


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