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A Scissor Jack is a mechanical device used to easily lift a vehicle off the ground, to gain access to sections underneath vehicles or to change the wheel. The most important fact of a jack is that it gives the user a mechanical advantage by changing the rotational force on power screw into linear motion, allowing user to lift a heavy car to the required height.
It is called a scissor jack as the structure consists of diagonal metal components that expand and contract in the same way as a pair of scissors.
In this project an attempt has been made to design and fabricate a power scissor jack to lift and support a load of 4.5kN, for typical use in light vehicles cars and four wheelers



In today’s world, we can get car spare parts and tools easily in any shop [23]. As the DIY methods grow, it is equally important to discuss the efficient ways of doing the work. Eventually, a car is a piece of complex machinery and needs to be handled just as efficiently. A car jack is also an essential tool that is needed most of the time when it comes to repairing situations. One of the most reasons people use car jacks is to replace tires. But really, if you want to put any part of the car down, you’ll need a car jack.

These are designed to lift the weight of a vehicle, so you can get a true view of what’s going on under the body. Working under a vehicle also expects that you will need durable, high-quality car jack parts and axle stands to ensure safety. It always comes in handy to have a car jack in your garages. But there is a lot of confusion about how car jack works, why they need, and when they are employed. Before knowing how to use a car jack, you should first know what the different types of jacks which are available. 0ur work entitled “Design and Adaptation of a Motor on a Mechanical Jack with A Remote Control” is divided into the following parts and chapters;

Part A presents the Background of Study.  Chapter one deals with Description and Literature Review, explaining a jack. The objectives of the project work have been also presented in this chapter.


Part B presents the Study and Realization. Chapter two covers various Materials and Methods employed to realize this project. This chapter also deals with Design of various elements of the proposed jack, with due consideration regarding selection of materials. This chapter presents Drawings, which includes part drawings, assembly drawings and exploded views.


Part C deals with Results and Discussion. Chapter three deals on Conclusions which are drawn based on the present work. A few suggestions are given as a Scope for further development. 



Available jacks present difficulties for the elderly people and women and are especially disadvantageous under adverse weather conditions. Presently available jacks further require the operator to remain in prolonged bent or squatting position to operate the jack which is not ergonomic to human body. It will give physical problems in course of time. Moreover, the safety features are also not enough for operator to operate the present jack. 

Furthermore, available jacks are typically large, heavy and also difficult to store, transport, carry or move into the proper position under an automobile. The purpose of this project is to overcome these problems. An electric car jack which has a frame type of design by using electricity from a 12 volts DC supply will be designed and adapted. Operator only needs to press the button from the controller without working in a bent or squatting position for a long period of time to change the tire.


Considering the above-mentioned problem encountered, by introducing a motor into the system that is been powered by a 12 volts DC battery and incorporating a remote control will reduce the stress accompanied with using manual jacks.

With the realization of this motorized jack with a remote control, it will go a long way in helping users of such machines to reduce the time spent on certain repair maintenance requiring these machines (jack). Old people and motion impaired individuals can easily make use of such a machine with less stress.


The broad (general) objective of this project is to design and realize a mechanical jack with remote control that will be wirelessly operated and which is affordable and easy to use by the common man. In order to come out with our project, the specific objectives which is needed to be achieved are;

  • Reducing the loss of energy during manual operation of a jack.
  • Reducing the excess time used in lifting cars.
  • Reduce the human power associated with the manual operation of a jack which is very tedious and unhygienic.
  • To design a power scissor jack which is safe and reliable to raise and lower the load easily.
  • To adapt a scissor jack which is operated by a 12V DC battery and 12V generator motor.

The scope of the work is;

  • The product is supportive only to certain types of cars (light and medium weight)


The following questions permitted us to come out with our topic;

  • Which facilities are used to lift cars?
  • What are the difficulties faced while using these facilities?
  • How many minutes can one use to replace a punctured tire?
  • Do there exist power-driven machines for the accomplishment of this task?
  • Would/do these power-driven machines help to facilitate the process of lifting cars?
  • For how much can one get or buy a machine that will help us lift a car?
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