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Employees interest in higher productivity does not develop without some stimulation by management; either directly or through the creation of an atmosphere in which employee wants to contribute their best effort to the job.
It must be received that in any organization motivation has a great impact on workers performance if property administered.
It will enhance the output of the worker which has a multiplier effect on the rate of profit and turnover of the organization.
Remuneration policy and methods can be considered in isolation from the country’s economic policies.

That is why the state of the economy must be critically analyzed before any policy on remuneration could be implemented.
According to Haire (1963), in his page and salary policy and administration, he states that pay in one form or another is certainly one of the main spring of motivation in our society.
As a motivator, it becomes part of general psychological problem. And incentive is a systematic procedure for establishing a sound compensation structure.

By reducing inequalities among employees earning, a good programme raise individual moral and reduces inter group friction.
Similarly, motivation (incentives) policy shall be the policy of an organization to promote incentive that are at least as good as, it not better than, those paid by the competitors for similar types of work under similar conditions of works in the communities in which it operates.
A long most, can based organization, just main street Bank is just one of there many of which you can find essential contact information on at lead 411. their profile includes @ 4instuacuststreet.

Can email address as well as details on craig okers emai the organization CEO/ president their profile can be found in Bank category. Of u also need twitter, facebook (wkediu unsernacues and biography details for harlance corleless, you can also fund thew in lead 411. the company EEO is craig oclares
Brlau or lauo up sales /marketing, phone – 303- 776 -5122, up laled on 07/20/2011 12:29:00 located in longmont, co first main street Bank has Brain o hailor serving as the organization up sales /marketing.

Craig Ockers is first main street Banks CEO. Need Brilan O’ haulor’s email link din face book and biography ! you can find those in first main street Bank ion lead 411 under the their industry. And more so other untanu Nigeria community bank based in northern with the board of director of main street to provide over sight for their customers and our sure they receive the dwless Regional chamber of commerce and the Berglian Association of community bank based in northern with the board of director of main street to provide over sight for their customers ad on sure their received the dwless Regional chamber of commerce and the original Association community ban
(V.A.C.B) they have some individual that joined in the organization of the bank which are dwail W. marrow in October 29 who agreed to join the organization to form a new locally owned and operated community ban. Main street bank (in organization) is on course to open president of independent project.

Analysis with the saying that he found to be very timely opportunity to have joined the organization union stops main street if out could Grand Bank CVN –Nov- profit act ostomg organization, union stops main sheet Bank staff from accepting sack letters AB community Grants main street foundation Grants e.t.c.
The Aims and objective went ahead with the following in reference to the Afri bank which is newly known as main street bank main street bank ref –organization of staff in furtherance of the objectives of the management which is limited to build the aim of the organization exercise.

Setting criteria for staff retrenchment which was recently on 26 April 2012 of which the management released a new objective which is limited to the aim and the objective of the re-organization exercise.
Provision of coo in da Hill – main street for artists who may otherwise not have the opportune to fully participate in the process.
FCS/Forums:- Explore wings, forum wand sub-groups formed to encourage bible study fellowship member e.t.c
There are certain motivational factors that would account for specific type of behaviour (better performance higher productivity) from the worker . the area which the study covers are:
• Motivation and employee services
• Malsows’s hierarchy of needs
• Mc Gregor Theory X and theory Y
• Mc cleuand theory of human motives
• Victor vroom’s expectancy theory
• Motivational techniques
• Relationship between fringe and motivation
• Relationship between motivation and performance.
The study also takes a case study of
African of Nigeria plc and twenty five (25) numbers of respondents to arrive at the objectives of the study.
1.5 purpose of the study
Motivating employees to contribute their efforts tp accomplish organizational duties and task requires the identification variables that could be influencing such efforts. The identification of such variables is not easy task.

This could be attributed to be variety of employees need and aspiration from the jobs which simply that motivating factors are multi dimensional jobs which implies that motivating factors are multi dimensional.
Basically, the purpose of the study are:
To solve problem in process of motivating workers.
To examine various leading theories of motivation and their effect on productivity.
To determine whether financial motivation alone can satisfy the employees need and wants therefore stimulate them to work harder.
To determine whether a group of workers will have some need and wants which effect their productivity.
To arrive at suggestions which if implemented can help to improve the workers output and efficiency and thus achieve company goods and objective.
• Top serve as guild lines for easy study
• To serve as reference for other staffs
1.6 DEFINITON OF THE TERMS USED for clarity purpose, the following words (and possible other ) and terms will be used in the course of research work specific mainly assigned to those works are essential for a full understanding of the study Among there words includes the following.
1. Fringe benefit: – these are extra benefits given especially to employee in addition to their salaries or wages.
2. Work:- that essential part of human life relate to his sustenance survival status and to the society.
3. Workers:- Dardson (1979) defines a work as any person who has altered or works under a contract with an employer whether the contract of personality to execute any work of labour
4. Administration:- According to Breech, hw defines administration as that part of management process concerned with the institution and carry out procedure by which the programme is laid down and communicated and the progress of centuries is regulated and checked against target and plan (Robert Applely) Modern business administration p.4.)
5. Management:- It is a social process out ailing responsibility for the effective and economical planning regulation of the operation of an enterprise in fulfillment of given purpose of task.

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