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An electric pop corn machine is a machine that is used to pop com for human consumption.

It uses electricity as its source of energy, transfer heat energy, that is used to rotate due to the convention of electrical energy from the source to mechanical energy in the motor, the stirrer turns the corn so that it will not burns.
This project went as far as meeting most of the requirement of advancement in technology, which lead to make work easy and comfortable for the user.
To be candid, the burden of mankind because of the existence of technology for this reasons, the government is expected to encourage the young technologist and engineers who has graduated and those who are yet to be graduated from school.

By providing them with financial assistance, installation of functional and adequate equipment and facility various installations, competent and qualified personnel and in addition making education free for those who are not financially buoyant.

By so doing, we will be boasting of technological advancement if we are ready to adopt indigenous technical experience rather than that of western one, which rather more expansion and at-time in appropriate.
This project is divided into five chapters, chapter one: introduction, literature review, specification of problem which include requirement of the design, condition for use, characteristic, appearance.
Chapter two: Description of components parts, Body frame work and various types of heating element and material needed for construction.
Chapter three: comprises assembly, principles of operation and control.
Chapter four: Precaution and theory of analysis.
Chapter five: recommendation and conclusion together with references.

1.1 The Background of The Project
The basic aim of this project is to improve the quality and standard of production of a pop-corn machine and how its producing the popcorn.
Therefore, it act or promote and improve production rate and limit the frying time, as much as it could performed and lastly production it in a sanitary condition.
The design and construction of pop corn machine is brought from the perspective of its availability in market.
Also this project is also a means of promoting the diversity in utilization to suit different taste.
1.2 This is the past related work that has been carried out before this project and which are relevant to this project.
Therefore, for the past few years, several processes have been proposed for producing pop-corn machine in commercial use other than local ones i.e (Electrically popcorn machine and natural fire of heat pop corn machine).
1.3 Specification of Problem
1.3.1 Requirement of the Design
The design is expected to achieve the following objective:-
 Production of pop corn in long scale
 Increase the efficiency of producing pop corn
 Moderate the rotation of the stirrer by using right motor
 To reduce the heat that will be lost by logging the out put
 To regulate the voltage used to produce popcorn
 The presence of bulb to enhance production at night
1.3.2 Condition For Use
 The machine might be used under elevated temperature
 The machine should be store after used in a clean and dry place
 Routines clean would be necessary to avoid rusting of the pot
 The motor should be service from time to time to maintain its efficiency
1.3.3 Characteristic
The machine should not be heavy, the machine should not be big to enhance effecting stirring. The distance between the pots should not be too large to reduce heat loss. Aluminum should be used for both the frame profile and the construction of the stirrer. Glass should be used due to the case because of the transparency.
1.3.4 Appearance
The product should have a glistening appearance which can attract the prospective consumer of the pop corn.
Reliability and life
The expected useful life in normal circumstances should be less than 10 years.
 There was no conveyor that should remove the popcorn from the hot pot
 There was no time to indicate when the corn is fully popped
 There was no thermostat to regulate the temperature of the system
 There was nothing like lagging to trap some of the heat

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