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The thesis aim is to find what factors to improve communication in a professional and efficient business environment.

To achieve necessary results, the main objectives were to analyze the various methods and different types of communication used by “MTN” Cameroon, in addition to this, the researcher also examine the challenges faced by MTN Cameroon as a professional and efficient business environment.

In the beginning literature review presents the history of the evolution of communication. Second part focuses on the various types of communication, the researcher looked at Verbal and Non-verbal communication.

To gather important data Quantitative methods with the use of questionnaires was used. The findings revealed that majority of the employees totally affirmed that they use verbal and non-verbal communication in their business environment.

The researcher concludes by recommending that verbal and non verbal communication skills should be rewarded in a professional and efficient business environment like MTN Cameroon.

The researcher also recommends that verbal and non verbal communication skills should be added as one of the criteria to be recruited in a professional and efficient business environment.


In our business environment, offices, social networks, and neighborhoods, we all communicate with others on a daily basis. The process of transmitting a message through various means is known as communication.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s verbal or nonverbal, formal or casual, as long as it conveys a thought-provoking message. Understanding the importance and the factors that improve communication in efficient and professional business environment is crucial to the business environment and contribute significantly to a company’s success Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill, 2010).

By watching others and influencing our actions based on what we see, we develop simple communication skills. However, it is important to point out here that knowledge is of no value until the person who is to obtain it or wants it is shared.

Therefore, communication is the manner in which information is exchanged, disseminated or transferred from one person to another or from one location to the next. In short, communication is the mechanism by which thoughts, information, opinions and emotions are formed, communicated and understood.

Employees and managers collaborate actively to meet corporate goals and become more consistent with the main business principles. Its key aim is to improve management processes, break down silos, keep staff updated, and cut down on mistakes.

Success and growth of every company rely on good cooperation between employees. Conversation between firms remains target-oriented, unlike ordinary contact.

According to RadovicMarkovic(2011), Communication is the key mechanism for achieving integration and coordination of the activities of specialized units at different levels in the organization.

Communication is a part of human life. It cannot be avoided even for a minute because as social beings that we are, one cannot live without communicating, for even children have their own ways of passing across messages to their parents and such messages are understood within the context in which the communication is made, which can be sometimes surprising to some people.

Recent investigations have shown that business and management communication becomes a crucial and strategic partner in order for organizations to achieve their goals (Markaki, DamianiosChadjipantelis, 2013).

Communication, according to Keyton (2011), is the act of exchanging knowledge and shared understanding from one person to another. Communication plays a major role in our lives by impacting us economically, socially, politically and even culturally.

When people see deaf and dumps interacting with a normal human being, it is natural for them to become fascinated and ask whether they really understand each other.

Communication is an important aspect of every company. Furthermore, in the corporate world, strong communication skills are crucial. Many ways to approach and cope with complex communication have been discovered in some studies.

She claims that having a conversation with another person is the point of communication, and that this conversation must be two-way in order for communication to be fruitful.

This central concept is to remember what is said, especially in times of conflict. When your voice rises, your body tenses, or your temper flares, you are not being successful. Mirjana Radovic Markovic and Aidin Salamzadeh(2018).

Importance of the topic

In this thesis the researcher will try to find out the factors that improve communication in a professional and efficient business environment, taking a case study of MTN Cameroon.

Considering the topic chosen, this academic research paper will create awareness and educate some employees and managers of mobile Telephone Network on how to improve communication in their business environment. 

This study is important because it helps to explain how and why people use different methods to communicate with others in a professional and efficient business environment.

The study will equally help illustrate the relationship between nonverbal communication and other forms of communication in a professional business environment. It is equally important because it can be used as further reference for researchers interested in factors to improve communication especially in Mobile Telephone Network Cameroon. This final thesis therefore seeks to answer the following questions

  1. What are the factors that improve communication in an efficient and effective business environment
  2. How can we solve the problem of linguistic differences and cultural diversity in a professional and efficient business environment
  3. What are the types and different methods of communication
  4. What are the challenges encountered by professional business environments in improving communication

Research Problem

The problem identified in this research is the cultural differences Vis a Vis communication, in a professional and efficient business environment that is made up of employees with different cultural values.

Culture is often at the root of communication challenges in a professional and efficient business environment. Our culture influences how we approach problems in professional and efficient business environment and how we participate in groups and in communities.  

This study seeks to examine the factors that improve communication in a professional and efficient business environment taking the case study of MTN Cameroon. Communication is complicated no matter how well we understand each other. Just imagine how often we hear statements like” she didn’t really understand what I meant to say.

Communication issues are often triggered by cultural differences. Our society has an effect on how we solve issues and connect with others in groups and communities.

Further reading: The Importance of Communication in Business Management

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