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Food Management and Donation Application System

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Food waste is something that affects us all. It affects people everywhere like in our homes, at schools, at restaurants, the grocery store, in production and even in transportation. This application use of mobile technology to reduce waste food and allow hotels to donate leftover food to needy people. Using this app user can register, login and also view, add, remove items from the cart and then logout in a system. This app also stored real time database. In this app donor can add the food details and volunteer of the NGO can see the food images donated by the different donors




1. Introduction

The prevalence of food waste has been a subject of interest and discussion in recent years and researches are being done to find effective ways to curb it. It has been identified as a primary issue in the sustainability of food production and consumption, in addition to the sustainability of food supply chains. Food waste can be divided into avoidable and unavoidable waste. Avoidable waste includes edible food and spoiled/damaged edible food, while unavoidable waste consists of the inedible food like bones, fruit peels, and egg shells among others.

2. Background of the Study

The idea for this project was born with my observation of how prison especially go hungry and how easily fellow students dispose expired food products. Due to the high cost of living, many students tend to buy food products which are close to their expiry date and sometimes in large quantity due to their discounted prices, as shops attempt to get as much of these products out of their inventory to reduce their losses. With the proliferation of smartphones, I thought of the feasibility of using the smartphone as a lifecycle tracker for our food inventory, and be regularly informed of those products whose expiry date is close by. It is expected that this would help to reduce the amount of food spillage in the households.

3. Statement of the Problem

This android-based Food Waste Management system can assist in collecting the leftover food from hotels & restaurants to distribute among those in need. NGOs that are helping poor communities to battle against starvation & malnutrition can raise a request for food supply from a

4. Objectives of the Study

The objective of this project was to create a mobile application to assist users in managing their food inventory. The application would store and display basic information about the inventory contents and alerts the user of the food products which are due to expire the next day. Consequentially, users may take actions to avoid the concerned products get wasted or spoiled. It is believed that a considerable amount of food waste would be avoided in households if the occupants are well-informed of the timeline of their food stocks. Provisions have also been made to allow for the multi-device use.

Most food management applications available are mainly concerned with helping users watch their weight and food in-take and generally requires lots of information from user. The advantage of this project is the use of the simplest information of food products to monitor the inventory. With an eye on the future, a demo solution was integrated to show compatibility with future advancement in food packaging.

4.1 General Objective

The main objective of this thesis was to provide a viable solution that allows mobile users to track the life cycle of their food inventory efficiently. This project also provides a demo of better implementation with future enhancement in food packaging. This project was developed for the Android platform, using Facebook integration to simplify the user registration and a web server for storing the information.

4.2 Specific Objectives

Food wastage is increasingly becoming a topic of concern due primarily to the negative impact it has on the economic and agricultural industry. Research has shown that in Finland, households seems to be the highest producers of food waste and some of this, is as a result of food being disposed because they are expired.

5. Significance of the Study

As per the knowledge the technology is going advances and growing day by day. Over main motto is to help needy people. The idea behind over project can be used by many people who wish to donate things to needy organizations. Also, many organizations like to ask for various things required by them such as clothes, food grains, books, utensils, etc.

6. Scope of the Study

 Also we extend our app to have many types of donating users likewise from organizations such as restaurants, family or a single user, adding the location facility to our apps. The donating user should identify the location of the share food. Adding the time and date of each snack shared by users, making the app supports multiple platforms


7. Definition of Terms

 8. Organization of the Study

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