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Force Displacement and IDPs livelihood sustainability in Buea municipality

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The displaced persons go through numerous challenges despite the fact that home government, international organizations and nongovernmental organizations offer one form of assistance in support of them, but instead to end their sufferings, they continue to experience untold hardship without any lasting solution. The objective of this study is to examine the state of force displacement and livelihood of internally displaced persons, examine the challenge of co-habitation and  the reason for forced displacement in the of context of solving the number one priority of the Sustainable development goals which drives towards zero Hunger in  building process. The study adopted qualitative research design which is descriptive in nature and sampled 45 respondents from various groups represented in the Buea municipality around muea and Mile 16.snow ball method was used to collect data . Findings from the study has however prove that IDPs go through numerous challenges,about 97.8% of Internal Dicplaced persons  proven to go through these plights from shortage of food supply, poor sanitation and health care, to lack of security,lack of job and the prevalence of rape and abuses ,Most of about 68% fine them selves in flooded or uncomfortable houses. It therefore conclude that building process that cover the three dimensions of the Sustainable development goals: Economic growth, social inclusion  and Environmental protection reconstruction are the most crucial component to resettlement of these vulnerable people. Government need to take proactive steps in providing the needed incentives and provide security for the IDPs. Again, good governance is a vital move to  coexistence of Idps .

Keywords: challenges, internally displaced persons,  building, process of the Sustainable development goals of, economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection.

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