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AN ASSESSMENT OF Human resources management and its effect on productivity in a manufacturing industry

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Background information of the study introduction.
Human resources management refers to a set of people oriented functions or activities that involves the effective acquisition, use and maintenance of the human resources within an organization.
This definition highlights the facts that human resources management in any organization must focus on the people, their needs, expectation values and legal rights within the work organization and the use of appropriate human resources management strategies that would ensure the satisfaction and accomplishment of individual as well as corporate goals.
In other words putting the human energy to productive use is what human resources management is all about.

There are lots of problem of personnel management that have attracted the attention of human recourses specialist and policy maker in recent years.
It well be naïve of us if we pretend that there is no productivity crises in our country.

It would even be more dangerous to think that it constitutes no serious threat to her national economy, the productivity crises in Nigeria is real since the early 80’s there has been a downward trend in productivity with the advent of structural adjustment programmed, the capacity utilization of our industrial organization has shrunk to an all time low level.

In some quarters the reason has been attributed to declining motivation to work, poor work attitude and work ethic and in their quarters the reason lies in government or employers insensitivity to worker’s concern and the consultant deteriorating standards of living.
Evidence, depicting dissatisfied disinvited workers abound in our society.

Morale is low, work is over regulated and workers are over burdened with terrifying economic and society problems like rapid price increase, mounting.

Job insecurity, alienation, rapidly, declining quality of work life in public and private sectors, the nature of work life has become humdrum, boring and underinsuring and there remains a growing emptiness in the work life experience of many Nigeria.

In any manufacturing sector, the aim is to achieve this, wage/salaries of the employee is very low, this become a problem in the production efficiency.
In addition, human resources management in manufacturing industries is a very challenging task because it deals with a lot of variables that one dependent upon each other.

These variables will surely increase as the manufacturing sectors grows complex. Also, it is difficult to trace the side effect of the changes within a particular area of management responsibility.

Poor remuneration of staff skilled labor, unskilled labor which often strain the relationship between the management and workers, Bias recruitment driven the favourition in section or replacement of staff, which does not encourage efficiency in productivity, lack of adequate communication also, lack of adequate facilities of external communication to acquire further experience.

Non chalking attitude to adequate educational background as initial educational employment requirement, lack of recognition to specialized skill interims of engagement and placement of staffs.
Inadequate in service training facilities. Lack of motivation of staff as a means of employment and recognition of duties of facilities.

i. This study investigate the problems of poor remuneration of both skilled and unskilled labor and find it’s lasting solution to the strain relationship that often exist between the manager and other workers in aim establishment.
ii. This study evaluates the reasons for inadequate communication flow between management and staff of the organization.
iii. This causes of bias recruitment drive and favourition selection and placement of staff shall duly be investigated.
iv. The study find out the stale and reason for unadevacy in service training facilities in most organization.
v. This study considers the inability of most employer to motivate their ability and input.

This is to enlighten the hands of the management personnel managers or human resources management, production managers, marketing managers e.t.c for better remuneration package to boost employee’s morals, increase production and high performance to attain organizational objective. There exist parallel gap between the employer and employee such as.
a. The study identifies poor welfare package of both skilled and unskilled labor.
b. Inadequate and in consistence condition of employment i.e. recruitment, selection and placement of workers
c. Gap in communication between management and employment.
d. The study prefer solution to the importance of education attainment before it is use for employment induce.
e. Inadequate in services training and facility in productivity.


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