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This study examined the impact of strategic planning on sales promotion it highlighted the benefit of companies can derive from an examination of impact of strategic planning on sales promotion.

The study went further to discuss the problem associated with impact of strategic planning on sales promotion using Nigeria bottling Company as the case study.

A survey was conducted and questionnaire was distributed to show opinion previously formulated hypothesis.

The study discover that examination of impact of strategic planning on sales promotion could lead to a rapid positive performance of company is against the tentative hypothesis.

It was concluded that truly the an examination of impact of strategic planning on sales promotion is good and is compulsory in a company or an organization for them not to lack behind. Recommendations were made to ensure that companies especially Nigeria bottling company.

Focus their attention of the top management level.

Middle and lower management on strategic planning as this will boast the company’s performance.

Planning is the first of serves of function that managers perform.
It entails a material picture of what the organization should achieve, when it should be achieved who is to ensure its achieved and how the objectives are to be achieved.
Planning is the process by which manager establish goal are achieved planning includes all activities that lead to the definition of objective and the determination of appropriate courses of activities to achieve these objectives.
Strategic planning is a type of planning that seeks to establish the board line along which an organization should develop.

It also involve in vestment and financing decision which must be related to each other within the context of the strategic plan.
Strategic planning assists an organization to access effectively the demands of its external environmental and because of relies very heartily on the information.
When these external data is combined with internal data management can make estimates of the expected result.
These area the importance of planning.
1. To offset uncertainty and change
2. To gain economic operation
3. To facilitate control
4. To focus attention on objectives
5. It enhances the spirit of togetherness
6. It helps the manage uncertainty
The types of planning g are as follow
a. Micro- economic planning
b. Senatorial planning
c. Budgetary planning
d. Project planning
e. Strategic planning

Planning should progress in defined sequential step but with sufficient ease that is looking back wards to earlier stages and forward to subsequent and after the sales promotion company programmes the positive result of this could come in term of increase in sales of such products being strategically promoted.
In view of the anticipated contribution companies tend to place more emphasis on the impact of strategic planning on sales promotion as a communication link through which attention can be gained and information that will lead the consumers to the product
Actually the process should be welcome by all but not expected to cure all the aids in the producing industries.
As Nigeria is witnessing a depressed economy there have been increases in prices of consumer goods which leads to an increase in soft drink cover price. Some years ago a bottle of coca-cola. Was sold for 15k, it later increased gradually and strategically to the present cover price of N60.00 per bottle within a year.

A change in price was witnessed two or three times in 1994, initially a bottle of coca-cola was sold for N6.00 than later increased to N8.00 and presently settle perhaps tentatively from N50,000 to N60.00 therefore given us about 95% to 100% increase with few years.

Consumer expressed their bitterness as a result of this situation they had no choice since NBC’S competitor also follow suit
The questions that readily come to mind are
1. What are responsible for the recent growth in sales promotion
2. How realistic is sales promotion as a whole
3. What are the consumers level of awareness and response to the campaign?
4. What are the consumers as the target to whom the programmes were being directed to gain.
Does the success of the programmes really justify the promotes efforts in terms of time cost and benefit
The objectives of the study is to highlight the strategic planning on sales promotion which may some time be left out in practice that is explicit step for information to refine planning decision taken at each stage.
Right from the begging of 1980’s it become crystal dear strategic planning enhanced may of there management function but left strategic business planning relatively untouched. Such development were in the relive budgeting and resource allocation.

It was only in the 1970’s that organization renewed their interest in strategic planning on sales promotion and it is only now that the new development on the area have became popular. This is particularly noted in the advanced countries because most of the third world countries do not know much about the practical aspect of strategic in management process.
These improvement in strategic planning involves a concept that is commonly called strategic business planning the element which makes this concept unique and distinct as a new development is the use of strategic planning unit on sales and promotion as the primary reticule of fermentation strategic planning entails rigorous exercise on sales promotion and the expression of a strategic position in some form of business port folio matrix.
The total business segment of a society is often classified into three (3) broad types of enterprises.
1. Services
2. Manufacturing
3. Merchandising
A good strategic planning on sales on sales promotion which is a vital aspect of marketing mix is widely adopted by soft drinks industries like 7up bottling company and Nigeria bottling company plc.

This has substantially created a lot of awareness and varying degrees of response in the part of consumers.
The Nigeria bottling company plc in particular engaged in wide variety of strategic planning on sales promotion activities in recent past among which are, coca-cola, Fanta, Spirit family bonanza in 1991 coco-cola, Fanta, spirit gift good galore in 1994 and coca-cola, bonanza in 1998, consumers are rational human being who respond to the various strategic planning in sales promotion activities in different ways their level of awareness and response very in relation to individual interest taste, level, of perception e.t.c these can be measure in term of companion between sales volume before from the researchers and do not attend to expose them to Nigeria bottling company has kept some secrets of it’s operation or activities from the researcher was constrained with the researcher found difficult to go extra mile in the field of study to sources for material on the topic from various sources where they could be obtained.
Planning of promotion effectives
The study aims at providing limit for explicit planning g of promotion on strategic sales promotion the following area
1. Organizational structure
2. The control system
3. The reward system
4. The people executors commuted to plan achievement
The study further aims at highlighting promotion strategy planning steps which will put finishing touches to the whole planning process
Looking at the losses of the largest and most successful firms between 1950-1960 and comparing with the list of those of 1990-2010 one would be amazed.
The material is designed to help integrate the functional tools leaned which include the analytical tools physical distribution promotion and operational management logistics personnel and labour e.t.c all these will help in analyzing the strategic plans of this study will further help organization in the strategic planning on sales promotions in a dynamic business sector of manufacturing industries it is also hoped that the study will firm a useful basis for further intensive research in this area.


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