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Internship at the Buea Divisional Taxation Centre

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This internship report is intended to show how the Buea tax centre like any other tax department in the Republic operates. How they do the Assessment of Tax payers, collection of Taxes, control survey in order to prevent Tax evasion.
Conclusively, taxation is one of the institution in the ministry of finance that help government to raise revenue.


Cameroon has great vision. This vision is to be an emergences nation by the year 2035.for this objective to come to past, the government of Cameroon has to give room for institutions of learning such as university of Buea has taken the responsibility to bring up expert in various business concern as their own contributions to nation building to match up with the challenges ahead. The University of Buea Institution has a strategy to taking students to the field through industrial placement (internship)
An internship is a temporary job that offers training and supervision .other words used to describe it are; on the job training or apprenticeship .since different are can say an internship is work experiences that offer guidance and supervision by attained professional.
1.1.1why the internship
⮚ To equip students with the practical part of theory learned in school
⮚ To prepare students for the job market upon graduation from the university
⮚ To create a link between the school, students and various organisation
⮚ To teach students on how to manage a company
⮚ To serve the purpose of pre orientation while permitting students to establish contact in the business society
⮚ To help build their c.v (Curriculum vitae) which is an added advantage in the job market?
1.1.2 Characteristics of internship
⮚ It contributes to the student personals and professional development through challenging work assignment and it is completed before the student graduates from the university.
⮚ It helps build upon the relationship the department of the university has with the employers(institutions)
⮚ Internship is most successful when the students ,the university and the employers all share responsibility in making it valuable experiences
⮚ It involves a supervision components that is monitoring and educational
⮚ The students will have a reflection and evaluation process at the conclusion of the internship.
⮚ It is a planned and schedule through constitution with the university, so as to fit in the graduates experiences .this means an official letter is given with an evaluation form by the university to the companies to evaluate the students
1.2 Aims and objectives of internship
The industrial training required by the university has the following objectives
⮚ To allow students to get acquainted with business practices and procedures used in the various organisations.
⮚ To provide students with preliminary work experiences that can prepare them for their future career.
⮚ To allow students to apply for their theoretical knowledge acquired during the university study practices
⮚ To serve the purpose of pre orientation to the choice of specialization while permitting students to establish contact in business society.
⮚ To create proper communication of students with the job market that is connection with the job market.
⮚ To improve skills that will help the intern in future to find job. This may be pressure writing and passing the employer interview.
1.2.1 Benefits of the internship

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