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Internship carried out at CCA Bank Kumba

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The internship report takes into account the practical experience obtained during my two months field study with CCA Bank Kumba. All information contained in this report is for academic purposes and are being held confidential. The report is centred on CCABank , their products and services, experience obtained, SWOT analysis, distinction between theories and practical, difficulties faced recommendations and conclusion.
The report begins with introduction which takes into account the background of study, the definition of internship, characteristics, objectives, importance and limitations of internship.

Secondly, an overview of the organisation with special attention the history of CCA Bank , their products and services, objectives and mission of the institution, organisational structure and functions of the various departments. Also, the report continues with the training programs, which entails a detailed description of the various areas of study and operations or activities of all departments with focus on some tasks assigned to the intern.
In addition, the report brings in critical analysis and focuses on the relationship between theory and practical, SWOT analysis of the organisation.
Finally, the report ends with the problems encountered, recommendation/suggestions and conclusion, describing the organisation according to evaluations or assessments in the critical and SWOT analysis.




The University of Buea just like any other higher institutions under the integral of Economics and Management offers a Bachelor of Science degree in four (4) specialties in academic and professional disciplines which include; Economics, Management, Banking and Finance and Accounting. The department aims at training academic and professional persons equipped with modern techniques as well as managerial, financial and marketing skills, all this aims at solving human unlimited problems in every sector of the economy which can be national or global. 

As a means of achieving this goal the University of Buea has included industrial experience (internship) which involve field work and it is often carried out by its students upon the completion of the second semester examination of level 300 (2ndyear).
In an effort to integrate theory and real world situation, I was privileged to be an intern at Credit Communautaire d’Afrique Kumba, for the period running from the 13/August/2019 to the 12/October/2019 under the supervision of MrsManepah Nathalie Sandrine.
An Internship is an opportunity to integrate career related experience in to an undergraduate education by participating in a planned and supervised work. It is an on-the job learning experience in a work setting which is directly related to the intern personal interest and other field of study.
Internship originated in the United States of America in the early 1900s, internship is a work base educational experience that relates to specific jobs, positions, occupations, arts, health, education, communication, business, technology and many other fields.

 Internship contributes to the intern’s personal and professional development through challenging work assignment.
 Internship must be completed before a student graduates.
 Internship involves supervision components, that is, monitoring and educational.
 Internship is planned and controlled through consultation with the department or university so as to fit in the graduate’s experience.
 Internship builds up the relationship the university has with the employer.
 Internship involves career related experience that complement what is learned in classroom.
 Internship is most successful when the intern, the university and the employer all share the responsibilities in making it a valuable experience.
 The intern will have a reflection and an evaluation process at the conclusion of the internship program.

The main objective of why i carried out this internship is to serve as evidence for academic purposes. Other objectives of carrying out an internship include;
 To allow students apply theoretical knowledge acquired during university studies with practice.
 To allow the interns get acquaintance with the business practices used in various organizations
 To provide students with preliminary work experience that can prepare them for future careers.
 To improve upon skills that will help the interns in future to find jobs.
 To create a network with professionals in the field for references and future job opportunities.

Internship has great significance these significance of internship can be grouped under the significance to the intern, to the employer and to the university.
1. Significance of internship to the intern.
1. Internship enables the intern explore the intended career field from inside and decide if it is the right career or not.
2. It enhances the intern curriculum vitae, the intern gain valuable experience and accomplishments to add to intern’s resumes upon graduation.
3. It enables the intern develop and improve on their skills such as; creative, professional, industrial awareness, communication and leadership skills.
4. It gives the intern an idea of an employer preferred qualities in an employee.
5. It also open doors for recommendation for the step to take next on the intern career path.
6. It helps the intern to make better choices on the kind of career to pick in future since the intern gets the chances of identifying the main areas of interest than the bulk theory learned in classrooms.


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