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TTCCUL is a category 1 microfinance which was founded in the year 1970 by late Mr. AKONG.TTCCUL is affiliated to CAMCCUL and is fully recognized by COBAC decision No D-2001/5 of January 2001 and Ministerial Decision No 00395/MINFI of August 2001.This report will be divided into Four Chapters .With this four chapters, I will be defining internship ,the importance of internship to both intern, organization and school ,objectives of the organization, problems faced by the organization, the structure of the organization(Administrative), activities of the interns, basically I will also use the SWOT analysis in relation to the organization and many other things just to name a few.



             The term internship refers to a professional learning experience that offers meaningful and practical works related to a student’s field of study or career of interest. This simple act gives the student the opportunity for career exploration and development, to learn and acquire new skills in the field. Students can also decide to go in for a part-time or full time work schedule depending on how demanding the field will be for them.

              Also, internship can be defined as a period whereby students go through an industrial training in which they are given the opportunity to gain practical knowledge of what they have been taught in school. During this period, students get the opportunity to blend both theoretical work that has been taught in class and the practical work that is done in the field. In addition, it is said to be a program with the aim of exposing students to working environment and thus, enabling them to apply what they have learned as theory to practical situations.


  • Context of Internship:

        Here, we will be looking at the context base on two aspects. That is the purpose and benefit of the internship. The paragraph below will give a better explanation on the above mention points.


  • The Purpose of the Internship:

                         It simple means the reasons for which the intern decided to carry out the internship. Therefore, the purpose of the internship to the intern is acquire real world experience that will enable them to put everything learned into action. One of the purposes for the internship is to be able to get a degree in the field of study. Also, the intern will desire to discover other specific jobs or careers or industry under that side of the study.


  • The benefit of the internship:

                    On this point, we are going to discuss on the advantages of internship that is the advantage of internship to the intern/student, organization and to the school. There exist several benefits of internship to the following; To the Intern:

                        Valuable work experience: Base on most job description, it is clear that it is necessary to have a working experience in other to acquire a good job. This has real being challenging for the freshers since the lack working experience and because of that, they find it difficult to enter the corporate world. For this reason, internship turns to play an important role by providing the intern with the experience that every business wants. With all these pieces of training gotten during the internship, the intern is liable to having a good and valuable work experience permitting them also to quickly and easily get into the business world.

                       Get trained by a Mentor: Interns choose or are given the opportunity of internship as it comes with having a mentor. This mentor is the one in charge of giving you the necessary training during the internship period. This is more like on the job training which is provided to interns to boast their skills.

                        Professional Network Building: This is also one of the benefit of internship to the intern because this network will help the interns in the future to get a good job and to constantly grow in their career. Also, in the field for internship, the intern(s) could meet many professionals who are willing to help the intern(s) get a full time job or even part-time job.

                       Receive Monetary Benefit: The internship comes in two ways that is the paid and the unpaid. The amount given to intern in a paid internship is called stipend. Though this amount might not be plenty, it will be able to offer the intern some sense to manage money from the initial phase of the intern(s) life to provide an urge in managing money using a better approach.

                       Aside the above mention benefit to the intern there are other benefits which include; generate a strong resume, enhance your relevant skills and lastly get an advantage over your Peers. To the Organization:

                        Internship benefits the organization in several different ways. That is the advantage for an organization to accept interns. They include;

  • Ease work load of regular employees.
  • Enable employees to focus on higher level task.
  • Meet short-term organizational needs.
  • Provide practical learning opportunities to student.
  • Takes advantage of students tech and social media say.
  • Obtain access to highly motivated students who can fill staffing needs.
  • Develop a pipeline of future employees and also the intern inject enthusiasm and fresh ideas into the organization. To the School

                      Apart from the advantages of the internship to the intern and the organization, there are some advantages or benefits to the school. They include;

  • It lets the school know the quality of graduates she is sending out to the business world. This is known through the evaluation form given to the organization by the school to evaluate the students’ performance.
  • It creates links between the two institutions that is the school and the organization which makes the transfer of other students for internship easier.


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