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Internship report carried out at Abonji-Man Garage Mile 4 Limbe

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Chapter one

Brief history of COIC BUEA

 Cameroon opportunities industrialization center COIC is located in Breathe regional capital of the south west region. the idea of creating such an institution was masterminded by many people primmest among them was PA KOMBE ATHANASIUS (who played an important role in assisting by KOME to see that the protocol agreement was signed and who became the first ever chair of COIC and the aim behind its creation was to train young Cameroonians on skill to help them be self-employed. DR MRS THERESIA ELAD (the flag bearer though this idea should be given a wider scope. Reason why she made several trips abroad in countries like Togo and Philadelphia  on behalf of this organization. The creation of OIC was seen as a tool to curb unemployment and to promote youth empowerment. OIC also found in some African  countries like Nigeria, Sierra Leon and Ghana etc. this NGO support Cameroonian youth by contributing to poverty alleviating through the insertion  of youths in the economic sector after  training in skills areas like auto mechanic and electricity, auto body, building construction furniture and construction, hotel catering textile and fashion design and information technology. The institution is administered by the board of director. This institution being one among the others training institution in the country, offers training to people of 18years and offers quality training in all above mention department, due to the availability of quality machines in their workshops trainings have the a advantage of doing practical’s (job) trainees also write end of year course examination in which they are issued and end of course diploma. Wood work is one of the department in COIC not only one of the department but a department of colors and morals that is the administrative site of COIC   wood technician deals with wood, machine’s etc. .  Which in turns deal with human life because if a house is not well constructed then the human life is at risk or if the roof is not well place then there will be disaster?  KOMBE PAUL is the head of the prestigious department of  auto mechanic- motor electricity he coordinate activity here with many other instructors all of them  are the brain behind this department that  IS MR KOMBE HOD , MIKOLI DANIEL,AND MR this prestigious departments trainees do the theory and practical. Trainees have the advantages of doing life practical’s with vehicles since as in this department the garage is also open to the public. Many students who have graduated from this department get job from companies within and out of the country.

       In addition some of the older trainees open their own garage around the national territory and as spell part sellers or dealers

      CIOC give a training two years for great professional and also offers a crash program for nine month for those who need fast document or already have massary of the department.

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