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Internship report carried out at Buea Council

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This is an Internship report carried out at the Buea Council from the 1st of August to the 30th of August 2022. The Internship was carried out mainly to match the theory I was being thought in class so as to practice and help me understand how things are being done in the field. The Union has as its objectives and mission to continuously develop and improve the livelihood of its members and their communities. The institution has several departments such as the Accounting & Marketing Department, Hygiene and Sanitation, technical department, Human resources and Tourism department (Mt CEO) etc.  All organizations have their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Some of which are; strength (Community service), weakness (data collection from various sectors) and as threats (the Anglophone crisis in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon). While at the Buea Council, I learned a lot from each department I was sent in four different sectors in this institution in which I learned the various functions of the figure heads at the Human resource for example the functions of the Mayor, Human resources, Mount Cameroon Inter-Communal Ecotourism Board, Hygiene and Sanitation and the Municipal Police etc. Despite the minor setbacks while doing my internship, it was worthwhile and very beneficial to me as a Tourism student who looks forward to deliver useful information in this sector.




The founding father of Buea, Eye NjieTambaLifanje, came from the Bomkoko clan behind the Buea Mountain. He was a hunter in search of game and on that fateful day, he founded Buea. There was no animal to be hunted, only a vast piece of hospitable land that provide succor for him and his family. It migrated to the settlement and named it Muea which mean hospitable land for farming. However, Buea made today progress until 1884 when the Germans occupied and colonized Cameroon, making Buea their colonial capital between 1901 and 1909. The British also made the town the capital of their protectorate, southern Cameroon between 1954 and 1972 respectively.

Catching a glimpse of historic relic of Buea, capital of south west region from one of its nearby hills unveiled marvelous scenery. Structure reminiscent of the era colonialism, constructed by the Germans and the British such as schools, Buea mountain club, the gendarme legion and the old presidency will fascinate you. This structure hassurvived aggressive and abrasive work of time. Visitor of Buea begins to feel change of temperature as soon as they approach its vicinity. Buea has a good climate. The atmosphere is cold and conducive.

As on drive around town, you discover that there is more in it to meet the eye. A medley of bureaucrat’s student and farmers cohabit. Buea has undergone tremendous change in the last quarters of the country. Today, modern structure has sprouted in almost every corner of the town, the street is paved and sanitation has improved, thanks to the tireless effort of the town’s local government. As the population grows rapidly, Buea has assumed the posture of a cosmopolitan town but its spirit of legendary hospitality remains.

1.1.1 Geographical location

The Buea council is bounded by the north tropical forest on the slope of mount Cameroon, south west limbs city council is the former capital of the south west region. It has a population of about 250 inhabitants and a surface area of 870 square kilometers. 1000m above sea levels. The population of Buea is constituted essentially of the Bakweri people live around the mountain slopes. The presence of other tribes within Cameroon like the Bayang, Igbo, Oroko, Duala, Bayangi, Ewondo, has introduce a blend of language. Today, the beautiful town of Buea is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Cameroon witnessing a presented structure thanks to the effort of the Buea council. The Buea council being a political institution has two organs. The executive organs which are made up of the mayor and it deputies and the deliberating organs made of up of the municipal councilors who came on a single ballot.


1.2 Objective of the Buea council

1.2.1 Economically

Buea council is promoting the economic and social welfare of its population, providing then with some basic amenities such as:

  1. Building of schools

  2. Construction of roads

  • Construction of health centers in the rural areas

  1. Construction of market

  2. Give assistance to the needy

  3. Providing pipe borne water

  • Award of scholarship

  • Keep public order in the community.

The council also promotes other economic activities in the municipality like agriculture, administrative unit, business, tourism, financial sector taking a central of the towns for example the credit union banks. There are two giant’s Anglo-industrial companies, the Cameroon tea estate former role two, the banana as well as small holders’ firms and tea farms.


1.2.2 Financial institution

Financially, Buea council id equipped with two financial documents which are the budget and the administrative account. The budget is an annual estimate in both revenue and expenditure. The Buea council carries two types of taxes, the direct and indirect taxes. Indirect taxes are made from market fees, slaughter council taxes, business license, hygiene and sanitation fees, custom taxes.

1.2.3 Education

Buea has always been labeled a town of academic excellent with the first Anglo-Saxon university and other institutes like IVTC, PAN African Institute for Development, Local Government Center (CEFAM), Advanced School for Post and Tele Communication, and a hand full of good secondary schools, professional, private and lay private schools.

1.2.4 Tourism

It has always been an ever-featured activity in the Buea council. The present of mount Cameroon as its climate account for this. Besides with the present of countless offices and administrative institutions has made Buea a growing municipality.


1.2.5 Political institution

The council as a political institution governed by public and private law has other cooperate body like FELCOM, PNDP, GTZ, KFW, Africa Development Bank. The bodies assist the council financially to execute the council project like the construction of rural road, markets, health centers, school’s electricity and pipe born water. Although there is a limitation which goes, this is to help the population of that municipality. This limitation helps the council to meet up with day to day services. The limitations are lack of sufficient fund to carry out the project, lack of qualified staffs, lack of awareness in the part of local community.

Buea council as political institution governed by public and private law any other council in Cameroon is not left out in politics. There are so many political parties in the municipality like UPC, SDF, UNDP, but CPDM is champion. All these parties stipulate the politics of the Buea municipality. Formerly, councils were placed under the minister of territorial administration and decentralization after the reorganization of 2019, this council were now place under the ministry of decentralization and local development. 


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