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Internship report submitted to the Department of Biomedical Sciences, Chartered Higher Institute of Technology and Management Buea

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Internship is a period of time where student or interns are send out to their

Respective field of studies to blend theory with practice.

  General Objectives of internship.

The intern shall in the course of the internship required to acquire sills in the various hospital wards posting.

To enable students integrate theory with practice in the actual hospital setting.

Identify the hospital Organogram and learn about their functions.

To understand basic functions of each department in a hospital setting.

To write an internship report at the end of placement period.


    Specific objectives per service


  • Types of hospital beddings.
  • Bed making, accessories and positioning in Nursing.
  • Transportation of patients.
  • Admission of patients.
  • Monitor vital signs and do observation on patients and chart them.
  • Reading of medical prescription.
  • Medical visits and/or Nursing rounds.
  • Receive and admit patients in the ward.
  • Urinary catheterization.
  • Discharged/transfer out patients from the ward.
  • Do preparation of materials for sterilization.
  • Do drug administration (oral, parenteral, etc).
  • Do dose calculation and drug measurement.
  • Do pre and post-operative care.
  • Do wound dressing.
  • Admission of a patient for surgery.
  • Surgical wound dressing.
  • Immobilization techniques in fracture.
  • Assist in preparation of patient for operation.
  • Transport patients to and from the theatre, X-ray department.
  • Do patient to patient handing and taking over
  • Do proper hand washing.
  • Write the shift hand over report accurately and clearly.
  • Plan and implement patient teaching under supervision.



  • Admit, assist and report on a women with indication of labor.
  • Participate in monitoring progress in labor.
  • Participate in at least six deliveries.
  • Do examination of placenta and membranes and report.
  • Carryout and report on the post natal state of at least six mother’s.
  • Identifies, draw up care plan, execute and supervise Nursing care plan of at least six women admitted with obstetrical emergencies.
  • Implement the immediate Nursing care of at least six new born babies (particularly of babies born to HIV sero positive mothers).
  • Identifies nursing problems and draw up strategic plans for the care of post natal mothers on anti-retroviral therapy.
  • Assessing pregnant women for anemia, diabetes, helminthic infection etc.
  • Assessing for uterine (ectopic) pregnancy, bleeding in pregnancy.
  • Identify prolong pregnancy and toxemia of pregnancy (preeclampsia and eclampsia), premature rupture of membranes, fetal distress.
  • Assessing laceration of the perineum, vagina and cervix and postpartum hemorrhage.
  • Identify tetanus in the puerperium.
  • Prenatal care.
  • Surveillance of labor.
  • Delivery kit (emergency kit).
  • Preparation of materials for delivery.
  • Delivery of the baby, the placenta.
  • Care of the patient after expulsion of placenta.
  • Postpartum care, psychological preparation for delivery.



Identify by name and function, and types of operating instructions, type of sutures, needles and suture materials.

Preparation of surgical materials.

Demonstrate skills in pre and post-operative nursing care.

Monitor and report accurately on the post-operative rehabilitation for post-surgery convalescence patient.

Surgical washing of hands.

Participate in at least four different types of surgery.

Constantly monitor the patient’s condition during and after surgery.

Write the shift hand over report accurately and clearly.

Do post-operative rehabilitation.

Participate in oxygen therapy.



  • Do admission of a sick child; history taking, weighing and vital signs.
  • Do observation on a sick child.
  • Calculate drug dosage for children.
  • Administer drug to baby; oral, parenteral etc).
  • Monitor infusion and blood transfusion and note any reactions.
  • Give health education to mothers on care with children with malnutrition, anemia and other specific conditions.
  • Assist in writing report.
  • Take part in handing and taking over.
  • Resuscitation of the baby.
  • Care of the new born.
  • Examination of the new born.
  • Baby’s bath and dressing.
  • Care of the cord.
  • Daily observation of the new born.
  • Breastfeeding a new born.
  • General hygiene in a nursery.
  • Describe the premature unit and precautions use for infection prevention.
  • Participate in the Nursing care of premature babies.
  • Assist in prevention of infection in the nursery (care of the incubator and the whole unit).
  • Observe all manipulation of the incubator and note the temperature and timing.



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