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This project will be carried out as a partial requirement for the award of National diploma in business study, the topic “effective distribution as available in marketing of perishable product will be carried out using Ayomide farm offa Kwara state as the case study the project will contain five chapter of which are enumerated below.
Chapter one of this work contain the introduction, background of the study as well as the historical background of the case study and the definition of the related terms.
Considering the work of other researcher, they are being contained in chapter two of this project work, it give me full review of literature and they are real frame work.

Various definitions were also considered on this chapter, chapter three of this work gives the details of how data will be collected from various sources and the method of analysis.

Chapter four will examine hoe data collected will be presented and analyzed as collected from the sources and will be presented and analyzed as collected from the sources and will be considered respectively.

Finally, after the presentation and analysis of data in chapter four.

The summary, conclusion and recommendation will be on chapter five of these resources work references and bibliography will be given too.

Buklin (1968) defined distribution as the set of institutions which participate in marketing activities undertaken in the point of consumer.
However, Valen J.G (1976) define distribution as the system which include those organization that are involved in the flow of good and services from their introduction into the economy system to their consumption.
Again, Arowolo and Ebelokun 1997 defines distribution as the route, avenue or pathways through which goods and services in order to allow consumer get satisfied and towards the realization of company set objective or goals it can also be said to be interrelated activities that facilitate movement of goods and services, it is however, noted that in the channel of distribution we have different number of intermediaries between a producer and buyer, that is producer wholesaler-retailer consumer channel, also we have two tupe of channel of distribution which are direct channel and in direct channel.

The direct channel have been written above is from the producer down to whole sale to there trailer then to the consumer, while he individual channel too have also been written above as right from the producer straight to the consumer.
Although, distribution has been described as the route through the ownership of products can be transferred when it move from point of on gin to point of final consumption.

These have bring out the salient point that distribution of goods, manufacture product will not get to their consumer wholemand and the product or the services in conclusion, it can be said that distribution is a strategy on managerial system in with all is distribution decision
It should be noted that information is a critican commodity upon which the distribution system of our country (Nigeria) depend.

This established the importance of the design and development of effective distribution as a variable in marketing of perishable product and has led to the recognition of system analysis as an important and growing career field for the system professional.
However, in the early 1980’s the distribution system has face even greater challenges them did those of preceding decades we have entered a period of accelerated exchanges in the social, economic, politically legal and technological environment in which our distribution system must excel in order to meet the requirement standard set by the marketing association of Nigeria CM.AN) this is because in all areas changes in occurring rapidly.
Because of these contemporary events, we feel that it appropriate to write this project title.

Effective distribution as a variable in marketing of perishable product”.

\And the Ayodele’s farm offa Kwara project will help in the following areas:
1. Telling us the historical background of distribution system
2. Knowing the various channels that can be performed on the computer system.
3. Having how the various/ series of channel are performed with the reference to out case study (Ayomide farm offa Kwara state).
4. Telling the usefulness of the performed channels and recommendation it to researchers at the (Ayomide farm offa Kwara state).
All these are necessary because of the trend at which distribution system is growing to balling so that people in the third world countries particularly Nigeria are to left behind.
In Spite of the benefit derived from the effective channel of distribution by problems. They are still faced with some problems these are the problem of channel, choice transportation adoption of the middlemen, in distribution and poor disposable consumer income.
How over, intermediaries like wholesalers, while distribution increase cost per unit of goods as against the cost at which they were supplied by the producer. It must then be rooted that, in choosing any channel ,there are certain on teria which some organization may not put into consideration.

It is also necessary to embark on the right channel for the right product or services at the right time and place been delivered.

The aims of the research study is purpose to ascertain the effective distribution of perishable product that is, egg turkey, Guinea fowl Duck and chicken frozen ones achieving organization objectives fact will be collected on the practice of Ayomide farm product and the study is to analysis the following.
The best way through which perishable good (egg frozen chicken duck, Guinea fowl and turkey) could be distributed channel used in the distribution of this out inod product, the total area covered the distribution channel in term of sales.
Essentially, this research work will be looking into the system of how effective is mechannel being need in term of cost benefit objectives control objectives and continually objectives.

A number of significant improvement can be seen on the economic process of this country especially in agricultural sector.
The Nigeria Agricultural sector has witnessed adynamic growth over the years and as each farm spring fourth, competition for market is increases.
Therefore, it is highly necessary for each form to ensure good productivity and effective channel of distribution in order to withstand the increase competition.
However, channel of distribution provide information about the market, this leads to better services because the producers for example would be able to know customer want and modify this product suite their want needs.

Channel member provide storage facilities for keeping goods from production time to purchasing time.

They also involved in breaking the bulk that is breaking of homogenous supply down into smaller lots.
This research work will be examining the distribution activities of Ayomide farm produce.

The project will examine the channel of distribution and physical distribution system operation by the poultry farm.

The product planning and development of product life cycle.
However, the scope of the study means the area which the research intends to cover.
Furthermore, the study suppose to cover the channel of distribution of al poultry from but for the purpose of the project work the research work will be limited to the study of Ayomide farm production due to uncontrollable elements and non response problem moreso, this can be attributed to the cost of transportation time factors and continuous increase in cost of material needed.

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