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Petroleum product is an industrial product from which so many sub-products are been produced or manufactured. Such as Petrol chemical, petroleum, kerosine etc. Among these products, petroleum serve as form of national product because it being consumed by all Nigerian.

This project is sub-divided in to five chapters. Chapter one consists of introduction, historical background objective of the study, scope and limitation of the study, significant of the study etc. Chapter two consists of literature review, development of Nigeria oil industry, Nigeria government involvement in oil business etc. Chapter three consists of research methodology. Organization chapter, structure layout and administration machinery, nature, pattern and strategy of oil marketing in Oando petroleum PLC etc. Chapter four consist data analysis and interpretation, test of hypothesis. and Chapter five consists summary of findings, recommendation, conclusion and reference.



          The discovery of petroleum has taken place for about one hundred and fifty years ago, that was 1859 when the first underground oil was drilled in the United State in Titusville and Pennsylvania.

Petroleum is different from other oils, because it is being manufactured from mineral source rather than animal and vegetable. The source from which petroleum comes from distinguish it from other kinds of oils, since it has been discovered as the valuable product in the world, there was modern technology on the consumerism of petroleum energy which made the product probably to become the most valuable.

Since petroleum is the most widely used source of energy in the world due to the industrialization development and also because a nation blessed with petroleum is economically well positioned because the product is very significant in the nations development. Petroleum is very important and popular base on the fact that, it produces energy in the operation of machines for the use of mankind.

          The oil product is used in lubricating most machines in different industries to have long lifespan and it is also used to powered most form of transportation, like ship, train aero plane etc.

          The work of exploration and exploitation of petroleum involve geologist who discovered the oil exploitation to be a risky business. The first oil well was only sixty percent (60%) deep, under normal circumstances a well must be drilled before the possibility of a settlement of oil at a particular location can become certainty.

          The techniques used in drilling oil well is cable tool which is still the same as the one used for the first oil well in the year 1959, mean while, after the oil must have been ascertained to be in a particular oil well, it is passed to the storage tanks to be refined and later for marketing.


Petroleum serves as form of natural product, but it could have not been discovered if not for the assistance of some geologists who worked on oil exploitation.

Moreover, the marketing of petroleum products serve great advantage to the nation most especially the Nigerians, because this product could have been of no advantage a benefit to the poor people if not because it has been introduced into the market and to be marketing in the best possible way in which people can obtain it easily for their use.


The objective is to find out the importance of marketing of petroleum, products in Ilorin depot and to also study why Oando petroleum as an independent marketer finding it some how difficult to get its allocation from NNPC depot in Ilorin to its final consumers.

To get some basic information on how people choose to buy Oando petroleum product.

One have to analyze and conclude on the marketing of Oando petroleum product in Ilorin and also to find out why Oando petroleum have the largest market share in Ilorin town and factors responsible for it.

The choice of the topic marketing of petroleum product as a case study of Oando petroleum Ilorin depot, have made it from their major objective.

1)      To make this project is also significant to the oil company in the sense that apart from Oando petroleum, other oils companies such as National oil, Chevron, Exton Scan also find the research useful in their business.

2)      The study is also significant in the sense that Oando petroleum may find the findings recommendations and suggestions made in the study useful in its future operation.

3)      This project is also significant in the sense that it highlights the implementation process of attaining high standard of living of marketing of petroleum product. In Nigeria and how government implements could be removed by the process of marketing research which will generally lead to high standard of petroleum product and thus result to the growth of the Nigeria’s oil industry which is basically the backbone of Nigerian economy.

4)      To pursue my academic alternative that is in partial fulfillment for the Award of Higher National Diploma in Purchasing and supply.

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