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Mobile Network Consumption in Buea Case Study MTN and ORANGE

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The researcher in chapter one introduces the research followed by the problem statement which was pinpoint. With the presence of numerous networks available in the city of Buea namely NEXTTEL, CAMTEL, MTN, ORANGE providing the same services at a similar price rate, Consumers in Buea tends to consume MTN and ORANGE more as compared to the others.

With T.R.A(telecommunication regulatory agency) in (2015) published that telecommunication companies now covers 80% of the country. 90.94% of the market is own by MTN and ORANGE making them a monopoly. MTN 48.12%, ORANGE 42.82%, NEXTTEL 5.66%, and CAMTEL 4.4% (business Cameroon 2014).

Although Nexttel was the first 3G network in Cameroon in 2014 with 2.5 million subscribers according to the ministry of post and telecommunication (MINPOSTEL) (2015) the Operator suffered a drastic fall as time goes the pattern of telecommunication consumptions keep changing.

The researcher will narrow the findings on data. With the above considerations and stats, one can see the differences in the consumption pattern of mobile networks in. Cameroon and consumer’s behaviours are mostly attributed for such changes and difference and the factors influencing consumer’s behaviour include.

The research objectives followed next with the main objective as does data bundle influence your choice? Chapter one also had the scope of the work which was data bundles and finally ended with the limitation of the research.

Chapter two on, the researcher outline the theoretical framework followed by a literature assessment where 16 different articles where reviewed. 2 theories were introduced the golden circle by Simon Sinek and how knowledge spread by the singer. Definition of terms followed next with over 6 different terms defined and explained.

Chapter three followed with research methodology. Here the researcher selects the research approached which best suit the research, qualitative approach followed by the research design where the case study was selected as well as the research instrument of interviews was selected. sampling followed next with quotas and snowball used as sampling techniques.

The selection of participant together with ethical consideration was also touched in chapter three.

Chapter four followed with transcription and data analyses meanwhile chapter five had the research summary and conclusion drawn based on the above finding in chapter four

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