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Modernisation and change of cultural values among the kom people in the north west region of cameroon

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The history of modernisation in Cameroon dates as far back as the 18th Century when the Portuguese first came to the country. The adoption of western values in our Cameroon
society and in the Kom Community has continuously been on an increase. The main objective is to assess the recent changes of cultural values due to modernisation on the Kom
people and the impact of such changes on their socio-economic development. Data were collected using Primary and secondary sources. Findings revealed that cultural elements
most affected by modernisation in Kom community are musical instruments, funerals like cry die, family life, traditional gastronomies, and way of dressing, traditional wedding,
ritual celebration, cultural festivals, socials values, language and notability. Modernisations have both affected the Kom culture positively and negatively. But the positive contribution
is more than the negative impacts. The result further reveals that the challenges faced by Kom people in preserving cultural heritage inter-tribal marriages, social media influence,
interference of non-indigenes in the Kom culture, foreign language, the none participation of youths in cultural activities, disrespect for elders by youths and women seeking for equal
rights with men are other challenges mentioned in preserving Kom cultural heritage. Based on the above problems, some recommendations like the education of non-indigenes to
better understand the Kom culture, teaching of Kom culture in school, prohibition of intertribal marriage, reinforcement of discipline by imposing fine on cultural defaulters
were made by the researcher.

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