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Motivation and its impact on Employee Performance in Mountain Hotel Buea

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This study attempts to assess motivation and its impact on employee performance using field data collected at Mountain Hotel Buea. Correlation technique was employed to find out the relationship between two variables, which reveal existence of positive relationship between motivation and employees’ performance and therefore implying that the increase in motivation will lead to increase in employees’ performance. This situation insists on increasing attention to employee motivation practice in order to improve employee performance. The findings suggest enhancement of current motivation package by incorporating both intrinsic such as promotion, recognition, support for carrier achievement and extrinsic motivation factors such as salary, extra duty allowance, transport allowance, medical benefits will help optimum utilization of human resources as well as increasing employees’ performance. Furthermore there is pressing need to develop organisation motivation policy that will help the Mountain Hotel management properly handling motivation function.



1.1 Background to the Study

Motivation is one of the most important factors affecting human behavior.Motivation not only affects other cognitive factor like perception and learning but also affects total performance of an individual in organization setting. This is the reason why managers should attach great importance to motivation in organization (Prasad, 2005).

Motivation seems to be one of the most important tools for retaining employees and increase productivity. Organizations design motivation systems to encourage employees to perform in the most effective way and attract potential candidates. One of many ways to motivate employees is to give rewards and incentives for good performance (Memmott and Growers, 2012).

Every human being has got a push behind him/her to do something, organization with wise management should conduct research on such human behaviors as well as effective and efficient way to achieve organization objective. In such situation motivation becomes important as it makes better utilization of resources and workers abilities and capabilities (Scott, 1987).

Motivation is a crucial factor towards increasing the performance to achieve organization goals. Low motivation or complete lack of motivation at any organization  across the world leads to low employeesperformance.Motivation function is among major task that should be handled by every organisation with better performance dreams. Motivation is a major task for every manager in creating the will of work among subordinates. Workers in any organization need something to push and keep them working for an organisation, therefore an employee should be motivated to work for an organisation.If no motivation is given, then the quality of work or all work in general will be distorted (Mbogo,2013).

Pay and incentives in public service aim to compensate for work done, motivate and retain employees to avoid the need for expensive recruitment and training for replacement. 

1.2 Statement of the Problem 

Employee’s and organisation performance mostly depends on employee motivation. Low motivation affects employees and organisation performance. Motivated employees’ are loyal, committed, and productive and provide good services to the organisation. Employers should exercise employee motivation through the series of rewards for job well done and better organisational performance (Sevanson, 2011).Although the Government of Cameroon has made an effort in enhancing compensation in the Public services, but the increase does not result in convergence between public service pay level and those of the labour market comparators. A sizable gap still remains. Considering the lack of motivation on Employees performance in Cameroon using Mountain Hotel in Buea as a case study,there exist some motivational problems  such as lack of special incentives, lack of supplementary income opportunities, lack of quality housing, inaccessibility to social services such as education, health, water and electricity in working environment .Some researchers have just expressed problem of motivation in public sector in their studies, for example Gisela, (2014) conducted a study on “effects of motivational factors on employees “job performance” and found existence of mismatch of employer rewards and employee’s need that affects employees peformance.For employees to carry out their duties effectively they have to be well motivated both intrinsically and extrinsically. A well-motivated employee seems to undertake tasks for their own sake.

1.3. Research Questions:        

1.3.1. Main Research Question

What is the effect of motivation on employees performance?

1.3.2. Specific Research Questions

  1. i) What are the various tools of Motivation for employees performance?

  2. ii) What is the relationship between motivation and employee’s performance?

iii) What are the various challenges toward effective employees motivation at Mountain Hotel?

1.4. Research Objectives:       

1.4.1 Main Objective

1) To identify the effects of motivation on employees’ performance at Mountain Hotel.

1.4.2 Specific Objectives

2) To examine the various tools of motivation for employee performance.

3)To assess the relationship between motivation and employee performance

4)To evaluate the challenges towards effective motivation practice at Mountain Hotel.

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