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one month internsgip program from September the 1st still 30th September 2020 at Kumba Town Co-operative credit union (KUTCCUL) Buea branch

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This is a one month internship report carried out at Kumba Cooperative Credit Union Ltd branch in Buea. This is in partial fulfillment of the requirements necessary for the award of BSc in Management. .in this report, the background of the internship has been captured, equally are the characteristics, objectives and benefits of internship.
The overview of Kumba Town Cooperative Credit Union Ltd (KUTCCUL) is equally highlighted from its history, definition of micro financial institution, objectives and the organizational structure. The organizational structure depicts the different units of KUTCCUL and their respective functions.
Moreover, the respective accounts operating in the union and respective loan products are given a close look.
Furthermore the findings I carried out and benefits I derived clearly stated in this report. Adding to findings and benefits, I also encountered some problems revealed in same chapter.
In chapter five, the conclusion summarizes most of what has been written in a nutshell. This is followed by the observation I made at KUTCCUL during this period of internship which need the attention of the managerial organ. Attempted solutions are therefore made in form of recommendations. Lastly are a series of appendixes.




1.1 The Background to the Study

Internship is a requirement in the University of Buea department of management science done by all students in the partial fulfillment of a BSc in management. Against this requirement, I was privilege to carry out a one month internship exercise at Kumba Town Cooperative Credit Union Ltd Buea branch Cameroon.
1.2 Definition of internship
Internship is an opportunity to integrate career related experience into an undergraduate education by participating in a planned and supervised work.
Internship also provides real world experience to those looking to explore or gain the relevant knowledge and skills required to enter into a particular career field. Internships are a relatively short in nature with the primary focus on getting someone a job training and taking what is learned in the classroom and applying to the real world. Interns generally have a supervisor who assigns specific tasks and evaluates the interns overall performance. Interns can be high school or university students or even adults interested in trying out a new career. Many higher institution students do internship to gain relevant experience in a particular career field as well as to get exposure to determine if they have a genuine interest in the field. Internships are an excellent way to begin building all important connections that are valuable in developing and maintaining a strong and professional network for the future.

1.3 Characteristics of Internship

 It contributes to the student’s personal and professional development through challenging work assignments.
 It’s a requirement which must be completed before the graduation of students from a polytechnic such as ours.
 It’s planned and scheduled through consultation by the department in school or the school itself and the organization so as to fit in students so that they can integrate theory into practical experience.
 It involves a supervision component that is monitoring and education
 The student will have a reflection and evaluation process at the end of the internship exercise.
 It strengthen the relationship between the school and employers.

1.4 Objectives of internship

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