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For every research work to be done in a certain field there must be an existing problem. The research view the research as a problem solution process of finding solution be a prevailing problem.

To organize is to arrange the parts so  that the whole works as a system or integrated body an organization is usually planned by management in line with the basic activities of the business the principal  aims of an organization includes to ensure that every employee is responsible to one person only.

That responsibility given to authority. Best use of specialization and individual ability and minimum level of management an organization is defined by devise and filly (1977) as the group of individuals who are cooperating under the direction of an executive or leader for primary purpose of accomplishing certain common objectives.

Formal organization can be seen as a direct opposite of informal organization it is a planed pattern of behaviour designed to achieve an objective.

Formal organization come in to being when people are willing to act to communicate and finally share a purpose.

Informal organization could be defined as any point personal activity without joint purpose informal organization development in order to meet a variety of individual need which is not met informal organization in emergencies, for instance, an informal communication  network maker factor decisions possible.


Adbury Nigeria plc was in corporate on the 9th January, 1965 and engages in food processing business Cadbury has been a leading company in confectionary, foods whose quality brands and projects are enjoyed all over the nation as well as I export market around the world.


A subsidiary of the company Cadbury schlepped group

of united kingdom provides the company with chemical agreement approved by national office technology acquiring and promotion and promotion (N.O. TAT) Cadbury schlepped hold 40% of the issued share capital of the company while the balance is held by the Nigeria public.

The registered company of Cadbury Nigeria plc is at lateen japanned road abiding Ikeja, Lagos while it registered and transfer office at united securities limited, Nigeria house (5th floor) 1-5 Odulami street, Lagos lad bury Nigeria plc is principally engaged in the manufacturing and sales of a wide variety of branded fast moving consumer goods mostly to the Nigeria market, but nursing for other market as well each product is carefully designed offer maximum value and enduring benefit and utility for the uses.

The care business of the company is in three stream namely food confectionary and food drinks a range of in termed late product, notably sorghum extract, glucose syrup and tomato past are manufactured in dedicated facilities located in Lagos and Job.

As earlier said that operation of the company is streamlined into three deal business units. Each of these unit is headed by a business unit. Manager thus, enable the appropriate degree of the in efficiency, quality and service delivery

The key brand in each category includes:

  1. Food work season, tom papa, chaff, pepper soup cube and Dadawa.
  2. COMFECTION TOMTOM, but ferment ear mettas week trabor mints jourestol poprange and back.
  3. food drinks Bourn vita, pronto, chocolate these rand collectively hold a dominant market share in their category.


There are many problems confronting and structures of an organization these have been drawn and presented by the researcher with a view to discuss and apply the to know its resultant change such an organization.

Most organization charts are drawn to emphasize the vertical hierarchy, a clear picture of this type of organization shown that all activities are fully centralized from the top level of management this continues to create problem, most especially of the objective to the organization is to money profit not to serve the public for any producing company to succeed it should be capable of deriving way of eliminating delays in production so as to maintain its target.

Some organizations face the problem of winding up and undergrowth due to its illegal nature some companies are limited to certain jobs and merchanolising. We may find out that these companies, if legally operated will expand were of its communication with the outside client and in turn maximize roe profit


  1. What are the ways to provide efficient working system?
  2. How do you provide system of communication
  3. Had there been ease of clerk of duties among the organization personals?
  4. That are way in which responsibilities are shared
  5. Among the personnel? How do you provide satisfaction to individual members of organization.


It is very essential to have study of this nature to enhance an even development of an organization since we can see that an organization exists to produce goods and services to satisfy customers.

With the growth in size of modern business, there is need to establish the framework around which the principles of management can be operated. Other wise there will be Chas and inefficiencies.

The following are the reasons for organization structure.

  1. One of the importance of this project is to made it to e of value to the research but also to those at present is to make it to be of value to the research but also to these at present practicing personnel. Management as well as those that are fully involved in the organization under standing.
  2. To re- organize and develop what desirable information a missing from the case and treat it.
  3. To understand the nature and important of the central concept and the field of production and other related organization and the services they rendered to the public.
  4. To clearly identify and suggest on problems arising from inefficiencies and bad organizational structure in an organization it is related to how power and authority are delegated in the organization. The case study limited to catbird Nigeria.


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