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possible solutions to problems faced during oil and gas transportation

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This study looks at possible solutions to problems faced during oil and gas transportation. With the rapid development of the country, the using amount of both the oil, has an important pillar of industry construction and natural gas, as the energy needed in people’s daily lives has been an increasing trend with the increasing use of oil and gas resources, there are still many problems to be solved in the oil and gas transportation process, for example, oil and gas transportation pipelines are easily corroded, how to prevent hazard in oil and gas transportation process, how to reduced evaporation loses by effective means because of it easily evaporating feature in oil gas transportation process, which are the key issue that existing in oil and gas transportation system needed to attract enough attention.

Through in-depth analysis and research to the practical issues, appropriate solutions should be made to ensure the security and environmental protection of oil and gas transportation system.

Chapter one


1.1.   Background to the study

Advances in exploration and production have helped to locate and recover a supply of oil and gas from major reserves across the world. At the same time, the demand for the petroleum-based product has grown in every corner of the world. But supply and demand are rarely concentrated in the same place.

Transportation, therefore, is vital to ensuring the reliable and affordable flow of petroleum.  Petroleum transport is the transportation of oil and gas such as gasoline or petrol. Oil and Gas are transported through railways, trucks, tankers, vessels and pipelines. Which method is used to move this oil depends on the amount that is being moved and its destination.

The biggest problems with moving this oil are pollution and the chance of being spilt. Petroleum oil is very had to clean up and very toxic to living animals. There are some solutions to some of these problems.

 Since 2010, the use of land and water network to connect the oil and gas field in the world with the refinery. The rise in crude oil shipments possesses environmental and safety risks from an accident that may occur along pipelines, rail lines, water waist and transhipment site. All of these modes pose certain risks and each has certain advantages compared to the other mode. Therefore, decisions surrounding the modes of transport are foundational to the protection air, land and water resources of the region.

The oil and gas transport technology are not advanced, which cause all sorts of problems in the oil and gas transportation process, such as corrosion problem of gas equipment in the oil and gas transport, fire hazards prevented in oil and gas transportation system and environmental pollution caused by evaporation loss occurring during oil and gas transportation process. So oil and gas system related issues must be valued seriously enough. This in-depth research, propose effective measures to reduce oil and gas damage and environmental pollution.

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