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The research works seek to identify the roles of marketing in the commercial banking. [A case study of diamond bank Nigeria plc].

Commercial banking was entrenched in 1892 with the establishment of British bank for West Africa [b.b.v.a].

The indigenous bank were saved from extraction after 1954 by the intervention of the western and eastern regional bank, marketing is a concept which has not been given due and serious attention among banks in Nigeria because of the seller market nature of Nigeria commercial banking inducting.

There is no precise or exact date when banking started in Nigeria historically for instance there are record to show that the momentary activities actually started in Nigeria in about 1961 when a by company in Lagos with the sole objective of making easier transaction with the company in Lagos
However the first banking institute was established in 1892 this was African Banking Corporation which was insisted by the chairman of the elder dumpster company it opened it first branch in Lagos in 1892
Commercial banking was entrenched in 1892 with the establishment of British Bank for West Africa (B.B.W.A) which took the asset and ability of African banking corporation now first bank of Nigeria plc.

It was the only bank corporate in Nigeria until 1999 when Barclay bank now known as union bank of Nigeria plc was established this strength foreign monopoly of bank business in Nigeria the established of industry bank and commercial bank in 1914 broke the foreign monopoly of banking business in Nigeria.

Also in 1933 national bank of Nigeria was established with western regional government owing substantial percentage of the equity capital this market the begging of government intervention in banking business in Nigeria as time went by some of these indigenous bank collapsed in the 1950 to be precise due to hostile competition from foreign bank and management inexperience’s on the part of some indigenous bank.
The indigenous bank were saved from extraction after 1954 by the intervention of the western and eastern regional bank thus by 1959 twenty size indigenous bank had been established government also licensed private ownership of bank this in 1977 society general bank of finance and Nigeria business men came into home light.

Also the bank of credit and commerce intentional Nigeria limited now African intercontinental bank ltd and Nigeria American Merchant bank ltd command operation in 1988 the federal government through the national board of community bank (N.B,C.B) in 1990 started granting licensed for the established of community bank in Nigeria the first community bank in Nigeria was Aphetic community bank at Tundun Talada in Kaduna local government area of Kaduna state which was then opened by the then head of stated president Ibrahim Babangida in December 1990 while people bank of Nigeria (P.B.N) was established to care for the small financial need of those who cannot provide traditional collateral securities for obtaining loan in commercial bank.
The Nigeria commercial Banking Industry is opened to all competition is free and fair all classes or categories of banking products are trade or transacted within the Nigeria commercial Banking Industry banking product are trade in Nigeria include:
Acceptance of customer deposited which is produced in three categories current account deposited account and saving account.
Advantaging money to customer is also a product produced into categories they are overdraft and bank loan.
The bank also purchase and market bank security and government securities which are treasuring bill and bonds.
The bank also trade in bank draft certified cheque and credit guarantee to mention just few of the services
The above emirate services are annoyed at providing security for funds well as granting or advance credit to people institution and organization in selling this series of service, the bank face one problem or the other because of the nature of the product which are mostly services
The aims of this research work is to look at the application of marketing concept in bank services in Nigeria the research work also intend to look at the progress the services as well as to know what from prompted the use of marketing concept in bank.
Hypothesis is the statement of relationship between variables in the problem analysis the researcher describes or refers to some of the variables that should be investigated because either the relationship between them is not well known or if known often or always has certain consequence.

The variables may have some behaviors or characteristics which are not clear to the investigator.
At the early period of emergence of bank in Nigeria marketing concept was not applied ket of commercial banking industry as there were many people looking for the service of these few existing bank either receive good treatment all not since all they need was just banking services.
However with the expansion in the commercial banking industry many bank were established and they were competing with one another ion order to attracted deposit as a result of this competition bank were looking for customer for their service and there by adopting and applying different concept and strategies to fight completion in other to increase profitability and remain in business in realization of this, this study is embark upon to achieve the following.
1. To find out how apartment is marketing concept to the commercial banking industry
2. To find the progress being made in commercial banking industry
3. To find the problem being faced by bank in the process of market their services and reason for these problem.
4. To find out whether the marketing approaches adopted to reach the customer have been provide effective
5. To find out the various ways of improving the quality of banking services
6. To look at the operating environment for commercial banking industry
7. To look at the required technology needed by the bank to keep abreast with the society dynamism
8. To look at the manpower challenge as well as the current sale of the industry
On the basis of the result of this study to offer suggestion on how to adopt and market customer oriented services.
9. To find out comprehensive list of services being marketed by bank in Nigeria and how these services are marketed

Marketing is a concept which has not been given due and serious attention among banks in Nigeria because of the seller market nature of Nigeria Commercial Banking Industry.
But due to the deregulation of the industry and the implementation of the economic reform program if the present administration couple with the increased competition and persistence increase in the number of enlighten customers, banking has charge from “Sit down” or ‘arm choir” to a more sophisticated advance mobile and electronic system.

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