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Chapter one

1.1 Background to the study

Examining Student Satisfaction with Student EXCO Services at Bambili can be useful for institutions of higher education to help them to identify their strengths and pinpoint areas that could be improved.

Determining student satisfaction should go beyond simply understanding their perception of student services, however. It should entail an in-depth focus on the student experience.

To understand the experience fully, it is not enough to know how much students are satisfied with student services.

It is important to understand what factors contribute to student satisfaction, how student services departments are developed, models of student affairs that colleges and universities can use, and how the needs of students can be addressed by the services offered by the EXCOs. This has to do with leadership styles

The importance of leadership in an organization cannot be overemphasized. Leadership is a major element that sets successful and unsuccessful organizations and government apart. It plays central role in offering direction and purpose towards achieving goals of the organization.

It is also an important element in the social relationship of groups at work. Leadership is the main factor that determines and shape group behaviour.

When it is correctly applied, each employee enjoys a feeling of strong commitment towards achieving organizational goals. Regardless of equality of its members, every group will tend to have a system in which it will have a leader.

Leadership can simply be defined as a process of influencing the activities of an individual or a group towards attainment of set goals. Leadership is the life wire of an organization.

1.2 Statement of the problem

A cohesive and seamless environment is what significantly contributes to student success. In order to accomplish this, a strong, collaborative relationship between academic and student services should exist. According to Flanagan (2006), students who feel connected to their institution both academically and socially are more likely to graduate.

Examining student needs is important. However most of the Student Union executives tend to do what pleases them and not to the satisfaction. Embezzlement, corruption and manipulation looms among the student Union Executives. This study strives to determine the experience of students with Student Executive Services at Bambili.

1.3 Research questions

1.3.1 Main Research question

  1. What is the role of the student Union in ensuring student satisfaction?

1.3.2 Specific Research question

  1. What are the various activities carried out by the student Union of Bambili to ensure student satisfaction?
  2. What are the types of leadership styles being used by the student Union of Bambili?
  3. What are the reasons for students dissatisfaction with the EXCOs?
  4. Are there policy recommendations to some of the plight of the students?

1.4 Research hypotheses

It is no doubt to say that effective understanding of nonverbal communication is pretty difficult. This research work is based on the following Hypothesis

Ho1 There are some significant common challenges to non-verbal communication across cultures

Ho2 nonverbal behaviours   play a significant role in cross cultural communication

1.5 Objectives of the study

1.51 General objectives

This study has as main objective to understand the role of the student Union in ensuring student satisfaction

1.5.2   Specific objectives.

In order to achieved the general objectives above, the following specific objectives will be attained

  1. The study aims at finding out the various activities carried out by the student Union of Bambili to ensure student satisfaction
  2. To identify the types of leadership styles being used by the student Union of Bambili
  3. To bring out the reasons for students dissatisfaction with the EXCOs
  4. To propose policy recommendations to some of the plight of the students
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