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The Relevance of Dictionaries in English Language Learning: The Case of Forms Three, Four and Five Students of G.B.H.S Tombel

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This work set out to examine the relevance of dictionaries in language learning. To achieve this, data was collected through questionnaires. 60 Of which were administered to both students and teachers of G.B.H.S Tombel.

The data was analyzed using tables and percentages. The theory that was used is Error analysis. The results showed that students have a negative attitude toward using a dictionary.

It is recommended that English language teachers should create an encouraging atmosphere in the English language classroom to change students ‘attitude towards using dictionaries.


Background of the Studies

A dictionary is an important tool in language. Over the years, many researchers have used dictionaries to build up their vocabulary. Dictionaries are used all over the world by both learners of English and experts.

A dictionary is defined by Notion [2001] as a word book, such a book is collection of worlds in one or More specific languages often arranged alphabetically which may include information or definitions, Etymology, phonetics, pronunciations, translation.

It also a book of words in one language with their Equivalence in another, sometimes known as a lexicon. It is a lexicon apical product shows inter-relationship among the data.

Description of the study area

This study will be carried out in Tombel sub-division, precisely Government Bilingual High School (G.B.H.S). Our focus in this study will be finding out it form three, four and five students have dictionaries and how it has affected their study of English Language.

This implies that a great number of reasons and opinion will be taken into consideration in order to come with an effective result.

Definition of related terms

Etymology: It is the chronological account of the birth and development of a particular word or element of a word, often delineated its spread from one language to another and evolving Changes in forms and meaning. Its synonym is word history or historical development.

Lexicology: It’s the part of linguistic which studies words. It may their nature; function as smaller to a larger element.

Lexicon/Stock of Words / Vocabulary: It is a book containing an alphabetical arrangement of a Word in a language and their definitions symbols, their meaning and relationship of their meaning and the rule composition form.

Statement of the problem

Do dictionaries have any role to play in language learning? The problem here is that students from forms 3, 4 and 5 continue to face difficulties even when they have resources that can facilitate their learning. Examples of such facilities are dictionaries, Internet, Library.

Objectives of the study

  • To investigate the importance of the dictionary in language learning.
  • To find out how dictionaries help the student in language learning.
  • To check the grammatical differences between forms three, four and five students write-Up due to their use of dictionaries.

Research question

  • How are dictionaries important in language learning?
  • Can dictionary be of any use in language learning?

The relevance of dictionaries

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