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The use of School resources and its effects on students’ academic performance in history in the University of Buea

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This research work was focused on school resources and its effects on students’ academic performance in history in the University of Buea. It sought out to identify, describe and analyze the school resources been found within that area.

As such, research questions were designed to guide the study, the main research question was, how does the use of libraries resources affect students’ academic performance in history in UB? how does the use of teachers services affect students academic performance in history in UB? how does the use of school infrastructures affects students’ academic performance in history in UB.

The population of the study consist of the University of Buea, the sample size was level 200, 300 and 400 and sixty (60) of them were selected for the research, data was collected using questionnaires and was analyzed using percentages from the findings, it shows that according to research question one , which has to do with use of library resources, I had a percentage of 83.8 of total respondents who accepted that libraries are important in schools, whereas a percentage of 16.2 rejected the fact.

In research question two, which dealt with the use of ICT resources, a percentage of 81.96 agreed with the fact that notice boards are important in schools while a percentage of 18.04 disagreed with the fact.

In question three, which had to do with use of counselors, a total mean percentage of 79.06 accepted the fact that counselors were useful in the institution meanwhile a percentage of 20.94 rejected or did not accept that fact. school resources have a very important role for the academic performance of students.

Therefore, school officials should do everything possible to see that they make these resources available and accessible to students. I therefore recommend that schools should do their best to provide the students with as many school resources as possible.



Teaching means to impart knowledge, skills and attitudes to an individual. The importance of school resources cannot be over emphasized. This is more especially at the ordinary level. Keen observation by the researcher has proven that school resources has a tremendous effect on students’ academic performance.

The researcher believes that the inability to acquire appropriate school resources and its implementation is one of the causes of students’ poor academic performance in schools.In a question to verify this notion, the researcher decided to carry out an investigation on the theme, the use of school resources and its effect on students’ academic performance.

This work is divided into five chapters which were outlined as follows:  The first chapter talked of the introduction and issues like; the background of the study, statement of the problem, the objective of the study, the research questions, the scope of the study, the significance of the study and operational definition of terms.

The second chapter was based on literature review.  The theory which gave a scientific base to the study was analyzed and the written work of others, which was related to the study was also reviewed.

The third chapter consisted of the research method. Here the various steps the researcher took to analyze the work where identified, described and justified: The fourth chapter dealt with data analysis and the fifth chapter includes: presentation, discussion, conclusions, recommendations and suggestions for further studies.

Background to the Study

School resources are those facilities found in schools and available for the students which are very important for the improvement of the learning process and also help to ease the teaching and learning process.  

Some of these school resources commonly found in schools are; libraries,  counselors, health centers, notice boards, sporting centers, laboratory, just to name but these.

As we all know, learning does not only end up in the classroom in certain situations, learning can be extended out of class. Thus, making more practical and applicable in a real life situation.

Thanks to these. resources (library, Notice boards) students always read and have a full knowledge which turns to ease comprehension and retention as well as promotes independent and self-relaying students.  of  “Notice boards simply gives first hand information giving by the authority of the school.

Counselors are very important in schools especially to learners (students), this is because they help to direct or give directives to students if they are faced with any problem in school or even at home which may influence their academic performance. They also do orientate newly admitted students, which help improve their academic performance. (Hall and Lawery,1955, cited Milner,1974), and Jones (1970).

The health center also helps take care of students’ medications if the student falls sick in school and needs medical attention. This help to prevent student’ from having serious or profound medical complications that can affect their studies. “Dunkle Mc, Nash, MA, beyond the health room, Washington, Dc council of chief state school officers, resource Centre on education equity1991.”

Note boards keep students informed, updated on current events, future events, and events going on in school. Most students will have to miss their exams, should in case the exam time table has any changes. Mahoney (2002)

Many people have carried out research to see the importance that school resources have on students’ performance for example the update 2008 version, a research foundation paper published by scholastic library publishing,

it brings together research findings from almost ten years of school library-related research, the preface notes” a substantial body of research since 1990 clearly demonstrate the importance of school library on student’ education, whether student achievement is measured by standardized reading achievement test or by global assessment of learning.

Research shows that, a well-stocked library staffed by a certified librarian has a positive impact on students’ achievement, regardless of the socio-economic or educational level of the community.

We also have another research carried out by Michele Lonsdale of the Australian council for educational research (ACER) in March 2003. The review focuses on studies conducted since 1990.Which shows that, school libraries can have a positive impact on students’ academic performance. 

According to the Collins English Dictionary, Academic is used to describe things that relate to the work done in schools, colleges, and universities, especially work which involves studying and reasoning rather than practicing or technical him, someone who is academic is good at studying.

Academic performance is the extent in which a student, teacher or institution   has achieved their short or long-term educational goals. Cumulative GPA and completion of educational degree such as High School and bachelor’s degrees represents academic performance.

In the past, academic performance was often measured more by ear than today. Teachers’ observation made up the bulk of the assessment, and   todays summation, or numerical, method of determining how well a student is performing is a fairly recent invention.

“Academic performance is very important because it is strongly linked to the positive outcome we value. Academic performance or success is important because working people will need higher levels of education to tackle the technologically demanding occupations of the future.” By Janelle Regier

Statement of the Problem       

School resources play a great role in students’ academic performance. Children in schools come from different backgrounds. Parents send their children to school with great expectations of great performance in examinations. Unfortunately, it has been discovered that at end of term exams, sequence tests performance of learners has been not the best.

The role of school resources in the teaching and learning process must not be over emphasized because learners do their reading, do assignments, research with the help of these resources.

Unfortunately, resources   in schools are sometimes not adequately available while in others they are not effectively used. Therefore, student’s performances are bound to drop. It is against this backdrop that the researcher raised the question and it goes thus how does school resources affect students’ academic performance

The main Objective of the Study

  • The aim of this study is to find out the effect of school resources on student’s academic performance.

Specific Objectives

1.To determine the effect of the use of libraries resources on students’ academics’ performance in UB

  1. To find out how  notice board affect students’ academic performance in UB.

3.To find out how the use of counselling services affects students’ academic performance in UB.

Research Question

  • To what extend does the use of libraries resources affect students’ academic performance?
  • What are the uses of notice board and how does it affects students academic performance in UB.
  • How does the use of counselling services effect on students’ academic performance in UB?
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