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Word classes; preposition usage the case of level 400 students at the University of Buea

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This research examines the use of prepositions by level 400 Anglophones students of the 2014-2015 academic year reading English Language at the University of Buea.

This work reveals some background information on prepositions and of students.

It reveals some literature about English prepositions. It displays the methodology used to obtain data, and finally, the analyses of the various data collected.



This chapter gives us an insight into the background of the study, statement of the problem, the purpose of the study, delimitation of the study, the significance of the study, research questions, hypothesis and definition of terms. Also, it highlights what prompted the researcher to do research on this topic.

Background of the Study

An article on globalization (crystal, 2000) asserts that English occupies a dominant place in the world today and it is unlikely that this role will diminish even if there are changes in attitude vis-à-vis indigenous language.

English is the leading language of education, international conferences and gatherings and also of technology.

Example – English is essentially the language of the computer. Those who have English as a mother tongue are native speakers like the British; those who use English as a second language are former British colonies particularly the Common Wealth nations such as Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, and Uganda.

These countries also use it as an international language.

Mother tongue speakers face little or no problems in speaking and writing, whereas people who use it as a second language face a lot of difficulties both in speech and writing. Some of these difficulties include the use of tenses and various aspects of grammar such as preposition.

This work is thus designed to unravel the poor mastery of word classes by level 400 students of the department of English and to suggest possible solutions as to what can be done to remedy the situation.

Statement of Problem

Although students speak English nowadays, sufficient research has not been carried out on the use of prepositions. In discussions and presentations in class; it is noticed that level 400 students of the department of English use wrong prepositions in their speeches.

This is so evident in their writing. For example, instead of saying “comply with”, students say “comply to” which is a wrong preposition. Hence, this research seeks to investigate if language students use preposition correctly.

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to enable teachers and students to improve teaching methods and the use of prepositions respectively. Hence, an increase in English language proficiency at the University of Buea. In the long run, second speakers will express themselves as first language speakers.

Delimitation of the Study

This work is significant in that it will enable students and learners of the English language to effectively use prepositions accurately and to know where to place them in their speeches and writing.

The objective of the Study

The following research objective was used for the study:

  • To enable level 400 students of the Department of English to develop more interest in the correct use of preposition and to use preposition accurately.
  • To help level 400 students of the Department of English to master preposition usage in speech and writing.

Research Questions

The following research questions will enable as to understanding and getting answers to our research problems.

  • How well do level 400 students in the department of English master preposition?
  • Do level 400 students of the Department of English use prepositions accurately in speech and writing?
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