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10 things you need to know about ENAM-The National School of Administration and Magistracy of Cameroon

10 things you need to know about ENAM-The National School of Administration and Magistracy of Cameroon

The National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM) of Cameroon, created in Yaoundé in 1959, is a large higher education school whose main mission is the training and development of senior officials of the Cameroonian government. It is a public establishment with a public personality and financial autonomy. It is placed under the technical supervision of the Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform, created
In 1959 with
Address BP 7171 Yaounde.

Admission into the school is through a competitive examination

It is The decrees of the Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reform, opening the competition and they set the uniform conditions for all candidates

The number of eligible places is made in proportion to the requests of the administrations. The competitions take place at the unique center of Yaoundé . The modes of access in the first year are identical for the internal competition as for the external one.

For the internal competition , only civil servants aged 45 or over and with at least 5 years of professional experience can compete for cycle B. They must present an authorization provided by the Ministry of the Civil Service. and administrative reform.

For the external competition , candidates must have a baccalaureate for cycle B and be 32 years of age at the most on the date of the competition.
For access to cycle A, candidates must have the License or any other equivalent diploma. A master’s degree in law is required for Magistracy

The competition period is between the months of April and June. The duration of the training is two years. The competition takes place at the single center in the political capital Yaoundé. The subjects on which we compete are the following.

Cycle A and B

Cycle A and B for
Administration and Financial Division General knowledge, economics , public law,Labour law,Accounting etc depending on the section chosen, oral grand jury
Registrars and Magistrates General knowledge, judicial organization, civil or criminal proceedings, language , oral grand jury Curriculum Edit.

ENAM provides its students with continuing education lasting two years. According to the divisions the teachings are as follows:


A- Administrative division:
1-General administration cycle A and B
2-Labour Administration cycle A and B
3-Social Affairs cycle A
4-Hospital Administration
5: Economics and finance.

B:Financial Division: 1.customs,

  1. Taxation
    3.Stores Accounting
  2. Treasury,
    5.price weight and measure.

C: Judicial Division:
2.Court Registry

D: Common law Division( Only for English Expression students).
2.court Registry

Students from ENAM integrate directly into the civil service and become civil servants. They are classified in category A1 for those from cycle B and category A2 for those from cycle A

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