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The effects of the principle of separation of powers in Cameroon

This article comes out with the effects of the principle of separation of powers

The principle of separation of powers in Cameroon has brought along with it certain upheavals and defects.

The impact of the principle of separation of powers in Cameroon crisscrosses both the nation and population that sum it.

Therefore bellow we are going to be looking at those impacts or effects that the Montesquieu ideas of 1874(separation of powers) has on Cameroon.

The principle of separation of powers has helped in guarding against tyranny in Cameroon.

Tyranny is a situation where a government uses harsh force to rule against it own people or it is unfair or cruel use of power or authority

 The words of James Madison are very clear

the accumulation of all powers Judiciary, Executive and Legislative in one body maybe just pronounced as tyranny’.

Separation of powers therefore stands as one way which the constitution uses to guard against tyranny in Cameroon by separating powers and functions amongst the different arms and making sure that no one arm shall usurp power to control over others.

In this light the different arms be it the Judiciary, Legislative and Executive have certain degree of control over the others through checks and balance

 It is therefore clear at this juncture that the less tyrannical government and ruler ship that Cameroon experiences unlike it other African states is thanks to separation of powers.

The constitution has been able to curtail the powers of the Executive through outlining mechanism and areas that the Executive may either be control by the legislative or judiciary this is in a bit not to give the Executive arm an opportunity of becoming power drunk and hence tyrannical.

The case of vote for no confidence in article 34(2), a motion of censor in article 34(3), oral or written questions article 35(1), committee of inquiry article 35(1) and the power of annual approval of the budget article 16(2)(b) of the constitution  all assigned to parliament.

The constitution has therefore with the principle of separation of power saved the Cameroonian population from tyranny. 

Also separation of powers amongst the Judiciary, Legislative and Executive arms in Cameroon has impacted on the nation in that it greatly improves on consistency of the rule of law.

The ultimate result of separation of power is that government policies shall be applied consistently across different cases.

This therefore increases the number of independent people who have to take certain action against a Cameroonian citizen especially in matters of imprisonment sentence.

This means that because of separation of powers and it enabling consistency of government policies one department heard (Judiciary) cannot just prosecute a person at will simply because they don’t just like the particular individual

The principle of separation of powers warrant and gives rooms for other sectors to have checks and limited control but not interference with the other as such, they have to get the other department (legislative) which they don’t control to agree.

This is will even enable a system of every Cameroonian attaining fair trial if facing one especially as the principle does not allow judges to create laws but only have to look at and interpret the clear intention of the legislator(law makers) hence prevent egoistic or selfish prosecution and enhancing the rule of law in Cameroon. 

Furthermore the principle of separation of powers in Cameroon has equally been of great effect to providing a strong base for transparency and good governance in the nation.

Transparency and good governance as been the order of the day in Cameroon to an extent thanks to separation of powers

The government of Cameroon has been able to achieve this thanks to mechanism of separation of powers scheme such as checks and balance system even the Anti-Corruption Committee set up by HE President Paul Biya can attest that their success so far in fighting corruption has been thanks to the separation of power scheme in of separating the different arms (Judiciary, Legislative and Executive) with distinct job task.

The Anti Corruption Committee has found it very easy to target each sector of the organ and better handle corruption ills .

Had it been not for separation of powers corrupt ministers like Maraffa Hamidou Yaya alongside Ephraim Inoni would have not been easily identified amongst others since the system would have been to chock up hence separation of powers in Cameroon is a strong pillar to the nation’s longstanding transparency and good governance

The principle of separation of powers in Cameroon breaths peace and prevents intertribal conflicts. Cameroon has experience peace and serenity for many years now.

This aspect is a share hand work of separation of powers. the Judiciary have effectively concentrated on the interpretation and enforcement of the laws thereby solving lots of ethnic conflict related mostly to landed issues and inheritance related cases like that of The goods of Dadds and in Merkes v. Merkes.

if the judiciary were not separated from the other arms then it would have been to stressful for the administration and may cause floodgates of cases unhandled. .Cameroon is ranked one of most peaceful countries in the world.

In 2015 it ranked 135 over a score of 2.349, by 2016 it ranked 130 over a score of 2.356 and presently in 2017 it ranked 130 over a score of 2.39 most peaceful country. This scores rank more than nations like Lybia, Syria.

Cameroon has not witnessed what transpired in April 7th 1994- July 1994 (Rwanda genocide crisis) between the Tutsi and Hutu majority leaving behind a remarkable death rate of 500000-1000000 people   despite the fact that it has over 250 ethnic groups.

Amongst every other thing separation of powers has immensely contributed to the desired peace Cameroon has been experiencing as every sector carry out it independent functions void of interference and with great perfection.

Separation of powers in Cameroon is a source of the countries development and a boast of the country’s image internationally.

Many international relations Cameroon has had is with nations that practice separation of powers.

For instance United States of America, Britain, France and more recently China. Since the mood of administration of every nation has a little impact on any business transaction related to it, most countries would most often love to partner with states with similar administrative procedure.

Most a time these countries are Democratic in nature which is a backbone of separation of power evolving from America.

Cameroons involvement with separation of powers between the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary greatly boast it image worldwide and enhance development especially through international ties.

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