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the Impact of Workplace Environment on the Performance of Council Employees in Cameroon

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This study is an appraisal of the Impact of Workplace Environment on the Performance of Council Employees in Cameroon. The case of Kumba City Council (KCC). The study is segmented into five distinct chapters and has three specific objectives which are first, to assess the effect of employee motivation on employee performance in Kumba City Council; second, to examine the effect of job design on employee performance in Kumba City Council; and, third, to investigate the effect of management style on employee performance in Kumba City Council. Two theoretical frameworks were made use of in this study, one main theory: Victor Vroom’s Expectancy Theory (2007), and one supportive theory, Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. The study area comprised the Kumba City Council and the Kumba town itself, where data was collected from respondents having expert knowledge on issues raised. The survey design was made use of in the study and two hundred questionnaires were distributed to respondents in the-above cited study area. And there was a return rate of one hundred per cent. Additionally, twenty (25) participants were interviewed during data collection, hence, the study made use of the mixed method of research- that is mainly quantitative but slightly qualitative as well. The finding relating to the first objective indicated that financial motivation of council employees by KCC management has a strong significant positive influence on the performance of council workers in KCC. Likewise the finding relating to the second objective revealed that there is a significant positive relationship between job design and performance of Kumba City council employees. As a sound job design helps in clarifying roles, systems and procedures; reducing repetitive elements within and between jobs; and optimising the workers’ responsibility. Similarly, the finding for the third objective showed that good Management style has positively impacts the performance of Kumba City Council employees. Finally, drawing from respondents’ perceptions in the study, five policy recommendations were made by the student Investigator which include: KCC management should have a Feedback loop, that is, an Effective Grievance-ventilating Procedure in Place. Likewise, KCC should try as much as possible to build a work environment that attracts, retains and motivates its employees so as to help them work comfortable and increase organization productivity. Also, council Management should find ways and means of communicating their goals and strategies to Council employees in order to achieve its mission and vision. Next, KCC should revisit its job design such that certain workers are not over-tasked resulting in stress and finally, management should constantly assess the necessity for wage raise of its employees considering the rising cost of living in Kumba. In the end certain recommendations for further studies were suggested by the student Investigator to other researchers, scholars and academics.


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