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A market is a regular gathering of people for the purchase and sale of provision, food stuff, and other commodities.

In economic geography, a market is a composition of systems, institutions, procedures, social relations, or infrastructures, where by parties engage in exchange.

While some parties may exchange goods and services by barter, most markets, rely on sellers offering their goods or services to buyers in exchange for money.

Buea is found in the Eastern slopes of Mount Cameroon Fako Division Southwest Cameroon. Buea is the capital of the Southwest region of Cameroon and due to this it has so many activities taking place in its vicinity.

The Buea Muea market is located from mile 17 just after bomaka. To go to muea market from mile 17 or bomaka by taxi fair will cost a single person a   100 FRS CFA. Apart from Muea market in Buea, there are many other main markets in Buea which is the Central market on Saturdays and the OIC market on Fridays and they all deal with the exchange of goods and services.

 Muea market is one of the biggest and well known market by the people of Buea. It is more functional on Thursdays and Sundays and is open for all type of persons and business.


The Buea Muea market has its various decisions on membership, rules, monitoring, sanctions or hierarchyorganizations, which the market different from other markets in Buea like the OIC Market, and the Central market.

Case study:

Muea market in the Buea Municipality

The Muea market is the most well organizedand planned market in the Buea community. It has been divided into various parts that is buildings and market sheds have been constructed to serve different purposes for example u have shed line for dresses, cosmetics, shoes, spices, meat, plantains, vegetables and even livestock lines where u can get raw fowls all this helps to make the market organized because u can easily be directed.

Also, this buildings and sheds used by sellers in Muea market are paid for daily or monthly to the municipal council and that is why, people who cannot afford monthly rents either pay daily rents for sheds or space or they are found moving about on market days hawking in the market.

The Muea market is involved in all kinds of business trade. It involves the selling of raw food stuffs like plantains, vegetables, fruits, cocoa yams etc, it also involves the selling of household equipment like chairs, tables, televisions, carpets, including kitchen utensils like pots, gas plates, plates, etc,.

Therefore Muea market is a more diverse kind of market in Buea. People leave from faraway places to come by and also sell in Muea market due to its diverse opportunities and popularity.

Muea market is very important to the people of the Buea community alongside the OIC and the Central markets because;

* They serve as a meeting site for the exchange of goods and services to take place

* They provide the community with all types of food stuffs ready for purchase during market days.

*They serve as a selling point for all type of business men

*Buyers get the opportunity to meet varieties of goods before making a choice

*The availability of Muea, OIC, and Central market has help the people of Buea to figure out what and where they can purchase a good.

*The Muea market sells goods at relatively cheaper prices that attracts buyers to it.

            Asides from the importance of the Muea and other markets in the Buea community, there are some   disadvantages that comes alongside these market .They include;

*          Rainy seasons is one of the major problems faced by these major problems faced by the markets due to the presents of mud n during heavy rains people hide their goods to prevent it from getting bad.

*           Also, there is the high presence of competition in the market as there is no single trader for particular product.

*           There is also the presence of fake products so as much as if a buyer is not much careful he or she might not get the original good

*           Furthermore the problem of transportation cost hinder some people from going to the market to buy.

                 In relation to this problem in other to help solve the problem of a muddy market in the rainy seasons which drives away buyers, the council should provide good roads both in and out of the markets and provide enough shades and shops for business purposes.

The map below shows the main markets in buea municipality which are the Buea town market, OIC market,the Central market,Muea market and the Mile 16 market .

All this markets, perform thesaurus functions but the Muea market is seen on its on diagram as a case study.

The Diagram of the Muea market shows some of the organization found in muea market including the type of foodstuffs and the goods and services it offers. Also on the corner of the map is an area view of the muea market attached to the map

looking at the muea market in a few years to come, if Care is not taken in the organisation and set up of the market, may reduce in size .this is because of the increase in the number of population coming in .

If the market is not well arranged by destroying some sheds on the roads and constructing more story buildings to minimize space and developed and open the market size, as the population keeps increasing at an alarming rate, the market won’t be able to contain the high population.

Thus if special care is taken, the muea market will continue to be the popular and well know main market of the buea municipality.

To conclude, one could say that although Buea has many markets, Muea is the most popular, functional, and well organized market in the Buea municipality.

Although we have other markets like the OIC and the Central markets in Buea, Muea is preferred by so many because it serves as the main market, and Its goods are relatively cheaper and it is also very diverse in its goods and services.

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