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How to apply for Transcript online in the University of Buea

How to apply for Transcript online in the University of Buea Cameroon 2022


This blog article comes out with a detail procedure on how to apply for Transcript online

The University of Buea was founded in 1975 and became a full-fledged university in 1992, following a presidential decree that re-organized state universities in the country

Since 2003, the University of Buea has accepted requests for credential verification from both local and foreign schools free of charge.


Since then, the number of cases handled has increased dramatically, placing an immense strain on the University’s resources.


Many persons doubt whether the University of Buea has implemented an online system for Application of Transcript

Cameroonians students who are former students of the University of Buea always face difficulties getting their transcripts

At the end of this blog article, you will know how to apply for transcript online in the University of Buea.

There are two ways in which former students can apply for transcript online in the University of Buea:

You can either apply through your online Portal or you can apply through an online agent: Naps legal consultancy.

Naps legal consultancy is a platform that offers the following services

  1. Counselling and Orientation on program choice
  2. Registration process
  3. And Follow up after admitted.
  4. Application of Transcript

So, you can apply for your transcript online by contacting Naps legal consultancy in the University of Buea.

How to apply for transcript online in the University of Buea

In order to improve and better serve everyone, the University has decided to charge for this service.

This blog post will walk you through the process of ordering a transcript, attestation, or any certificate online and having it delivered to you through email within 72 hours.


The final section of this essay contains a step-by-step tutorial for those who wish to apply for a job on campus through the manual application process.


Let us jump right into the topic without wasting any time.

Individual Transcript, Attestation, and Certificate Verification Cost and Time for an Online Application at the University of Buea

  • Price: 10.000FRS • Time: 72 hours
  • cost: 5.000FRS • duration: 72 hours • local or private intuitions in Cameroon
  • 25.000FRS ($45) for a foreign institution
  • Time frame: 72 hours

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Guide on how To apply for a transcript, attestation, certificate online

Step 1:



Step 2:

Click on the “Credential Verification” tab

Step 3:

Click on the “Online Credential Verification” link (in blue text)

Step 4:

Enter the requested information:

  1. Verifier Full Name:
  2. Verifier Email Address:
  3. Candidate’s Name: Your name

Step 5:

Click on the Get results




Step 6:

Complete the remaining required fields (a, b, c & d):

For example, if You are a Cameroonian based in the US and wish to apply for your transcript, attestation, or verified your degree certificate online, etc.

  1. Country: Select “USA” from dropdown menu
  2. bFull Address: 101 W. Pleasant St. Suite 300, Chick, WI 117812-2882
  3. cCountry: Select “USA” from dropdown menu
  4. dEnter Your UB Number (optional)


Step 7:

Step 8:

Click on Continue to Pay for Verification to select a payment method.

Mode of Payment For the University of Buea Transcript and Degree Verification Online

  1. MTN Mobile Money,
  2. Express Union
  3. ECOBANK Visa Card
  4. UBA VISA and Master Card

Manual application: On-campus one-on-one application

If you wish to submit your request by hand, you must include the following items: • A completed form, which can be obtained from the University of Buea Receipt Control Office;

  • A file containing the document(s) to be verified.
  • The full file must then be deposited in the Mail Office, Room 116, Central Administration, University of Buea, together with a receipt for payment of the necessary charge.

Following confirmation of payment by University of Buea officials via electronic communication to the proper institutions, you will receive a response to your request within three (3) working days (72 hours).




With the advancement of global technology and the adoption of ICT by the majority of developing countries,

It has become critical for every academic institution to include ICT into its daily operations.


The University of Buea’s daring move to implement online document application would encourage other universities in Cameroon to follow suit, potentially leading to the adoption of e-learning in major departments for local and international students.


NB: If you require assistance with your online transcripts, attestation, or certificate verification application, please contact us via WhatsApp.

We can assist you in processing these documents and delivering them to your numerous destinations.

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